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Intella Online Training
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Sorry there are currently no sessions scheduled for Intella Online Training.
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Intella Online Training

This web-based class will enable users to become proficient in the use of Intella®, Vound’s innovative email investigation and eDiscovery tool. Intella’s powerful indexing search engine, its unique visual presentation enables users to quickly, and easily search and review email and electronically stored information to find critical information, visualise relevant relationships, and drill down to the most pertinent evidence.

The class will include:

  • installation and configuration
  • creating, opening, and working with cases
  • familiarization with all Intella’s features and functions
  • Intella “tips and tricks” that will significantly improve your efficiency and use
  • The class will include both theory and practical exercises to help the students:

  • Open a new case and process various evidence types
  • Understand the processing and settings for case preparation
  • Search evidence using keywords
  • Building complex searches
  • Filter evidence for relevant email and attachments
  • Bookmark (tag and flag) evidence
  • Perform de-duplication via MD5 and Message ID
  • Find near-duplicates
  • Add new evidence to an existing case
  • Identify those involved in the sending or receiving of an email and/or attachments
  • Understand email and document metadata
  • Understand mail file structures
  • Identify spoofed emails
  • Identify cluster patterns and networks in email
  • Export Cluster Maps
  • Create reports with Intella
  • Export to other eDiscovery Tools
  • Class prerequisites:
    This Intella training course is intended for users with intermediate computer skills. A basic understanding of the concepts of computer forensics, investigations and reporting on such incidents will ensure the best results.

    Training manual, headset and sample data files will be provided for the class.

    Intella Online Training
    Sorry - there are no sessions available to book.
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