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Cellebrite develops advanced mobile data solutions which provide value in two distinct domains, mobile data forensics and mobile lifecycle

Cellebrite is a global company known for its breakthroughs in mobile data technology, delivering comprehensive solutions for mobile data forensics and mobile lifecycle management.

Every day around the world, digital data is impacting investigations. Making it intelligent and actionable is what Cellebrite does best. A pioneer of mobile data forensics since 1999 with a passion for technology innovation, Cellebrite is uniquely positioned to address the rapidly evolving needs of its diverse customer base to access, unify and defend digital evidence of all kinds. Together, our powerful UFED solutions deliver the only complete, end-to-end Digital Forensics Platform on the market. Our track record remains unchallenged. Our results? Proven and well documented. With more than 40,000 UFED licenses deployed globally in 100 countries, we allow law enforcement, intelligence services, border patrols, special forces, military and the private sector to achieve their missions quickly and effectively.

The company’s advanced solutions for mobile lifecycle offer Operators, Retailers and Aftermarket Service (AMS) Providers with advanced solutions to enhance the customer experience, increase revenue, improve satisfaction, and reduce cost.  With delivery channels in-store, on-device, and over the web, mobile retailers can take advantage of Cellebrite's full suite of mobile lifecycle solutions: diagnostics, secure wipe, content transfer, application delivery, automated phone buyback and analytics. In addition, Cellebrite offers retailers monitoring, statistics and analysis of all activities. Cellebrite’s global leadership is demonstrated through its deployment of over 150,000 units at more than 200 mobile operators and retailers globally, representing well over 100,000 stores handling hundreds of millions of transactions per year.

The company employs over 500 people. Cellebrite was Founded in 1999 and is a subsidiary of the Sun Corporation, a publicly traded Japanese company (6736/JQ), based in Nagoya; it has offices in Israel, the USA, Brazil, Germany, Singapore and UK.

Training & Events
Cellebrite Certified Operator (CCO) Training
Location: Melbourne
Starting 20th July 2020
Duration: 2 days

Cellebrite Certified Physical Analyst (CCPA) Training
Location: Melbourne
Starting 22nd July 2020
Duration: 3 Days

Cellebrite Products

Generate Evidence You Can Stand Behind

When speed and budget are just as mission-critical as mobile data itself, UFED 4PC extends Cellebrite’s trusted UFED software technology to any PC or laptop platform. Whether for rapid tactical response in the field, in-depth forensic examinations in a lab, UFED 4PC’s flexibility extends to meet user's needs, anywhere.


Without analytics, data is just data. In order to reduce case cycle times, investigators and analysts need simple, intuitive tools that help them see the big picture and all the critical connections that define it. UFED Analytics Desktop, designed as a standalone desktop application, allows an authorized investigator to rapidly explore various investigative paths or theories by opening multiple views of links and maps in one session, on multiple screens and narrow the data based on different case related values, if needed. It also helps them focus on specific data types related to all or specific suspects or victims and automatically generate timelines that contain a person’s activities.

Analytics Enterprise is also available as a multi user product.


To keep pace with rapidly evolving digital data and work cases faster, law enforcement requires proven forensics tools and new thinking. The time has come to move beyond disparate data repositories and manual analytical processes to a unified investigative platform. With intuitive analytics and streamlined digital forensic data management, case stakeholders can collaborate and act on digital data in real-time.


Designed for 50 users or less, UFED Analytics Workgroup delivers a local client-server solution that efficiently and effectively manages hundreds of digital data sources.

Now more than ever, critical digital evidence resides beyond physical devices. Investigators need time-sensitive data from public or private user profiles hosted in cloud-based applications and services to solve cases, but find they are often frustratingly out of reach. Service providers often delay meeting subpoena demands for private information after a warrant is obtained, and manually scouring public data from social media and other cloud-hosted applications takes precious time investigators simply don’t have. Plus, analyzing such a huge volume of information from multiple sources can be a daunting task and found evidence may not even be admissible in court.

Access the details you need to discover relevant evidence and find new investigative paths within pre-approved legal boundaries. UFED Cloud Analyzer allows you to extract, preserve and analyze public domain and private social media data, instant messaging, file storage and other cloud-based content using a forensically sound process. Easily search, filter and sort data to quickly identify suspects, victims, locations and more.

As devices and the data they create become more embedded in our lives, the role they can play in investigations become more critical than ever. First responders and investigators need simple tools to gather real time intelligence and evidence in the field so it can inform next steps.

Cellebrite’s Field Series equips frontline personnel with intuitive, forensically sound tools to quickly access and triage digital evidence. Whether deployed in-car, on a rugged device or at a police station, border checkpoint or airport, field personnel can get actionable insights when minutes matter most. With only minimal training required, this permission-based solution allows authorized users to capture only the most relevant information, maintaining the integrity of the data while accelerating the investigation.

Additionally, reduce case backlogs on forensics labs and improve workflows for the people who need real data in real time. UFED InField has the power to change the way your team works, including the speed at which cases are solved.

Rugged Reliability for Field Operations

As mobile devices continue to play a critical role in criminal investigations, forensic investigators need to be prepared in every given situation.   

This latest generation portable digital forensics platform brings comprehensive extraction capabilities anywhere they’re needed, whether in the lab, a remote location or in the field. Move faster, reduce backlogs, free up valuable hardware and produce defendable evidence with the Touch2. 

Powerful and compact, the Touch2 is available with UFED Ultimate and comes with a forensic accessory kit. Extract data quickly and securely in a closed environment that is separate from other applications, eliminating any risk of cross-contaminating digital evidence. View call logs, images, videos and other key logical data directly from the Touch2 at the point of extraction for quick access to key evidence. With fast computing power and enhanced battery life, the Touch2 is a virtually maintenance-free, forensically sound extraction experience.

Overcome sophisticated lock and encryption challenges with market-leading access and extraction capabilities.

Mobile devices now play a critical role in criminal investigations, providing access to the digital footprints of a victim or suspect and revealing details hidden in messaging, location information and other system files that can lead to case breakthroughs. The race for digital evidence to prevent crimes, save lives, lead to arrests or secure convictions begins the moment a device is seized. Recovering a device, only to be stopped by a challenging lock or advanced encryption, can grind an investigation to a halt.

Backed by the industry’s largest and most accomplished research and development team, Cellebrite’s exclusive Unlock Services empower forensic practitioners to overcome sophisticated lock and encryption challenges with market-leading access and extraction capabilities. Available globally and performed either on premises or at a Cellebrite Lab, Unlock Services help you keep pace with the latest encryption methods to acquire digital intelligence quickly and keep investigations moving forward.

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