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OpenText - EnCase

OpenText (previously Guidance Software) offers eDiscovery, data discovery, and computer forensics solutions for corporations and government agencies. The EnCase technology is used by over 30,000 licensed users worldwide.

Training & Events
OpenText - EnCase
EnCase OnDemand eDiscovery for the Legal Team Training
Sorry there are currently no sessions scheduled for EnCase OnDemand eDiscovery for the Legal Team Training.
Please let us know you are interested in this course.

OpenText - EnCase
DF210 Building an investigation with EnCase Forensic
Sorry there are currently no sessions scheduled for DF210 Building an investigation with EnCase Forensic.
Please let us know you are interested in this course.

OpenText - EnCase Products

EnCase Cybersecurity is a unique solution designed to expose and mitigate internal and external risks and threats which evade traditional information security solutions. Understand at the deepest levels what is occurring on your endpoints and ensure 100% visibility into unstructured and volatile data across the enterprise. The powerful cyberforensic capabilities of EnCase Cybersecurity are designed to bring accurate and rapid closure to any incident.

EnCase eDiscovery enables more efficient business process and significantly reduces legal risk and cost with a judicially accepted solution that provides everything from legal hold to first pass review and is scalable, defensible, and repeatable.

EnCase Endpoint Investigator is a powerful and easy to use remote investigation solution.

Thoroughly search, collect, preserve, and analyze data from laptops, servers, workstations, and virtually any other endpoint in your organization, even when they are not connected to the network, - without disrupting your day-to-day operations.

Security teams have been battling to stay ahead of the curve, but without deep and trusted visibility into your endpoints, we're expending more effort than reward. EnCase Endpoint Security enables you with:

Earlier Detection of elusive risks,threats and anomalous activity unique to your organization, reducing your mean-time-to-discovery.

Faster Decisions with time-critical endpoint telemetry, you can validate or dismiss security events as they happen, eliminate the chance of missing that critical alert and ensure continual return from security investments.

Unprecedented Response - single, flexible platform that delivers automated and on-demand response, simplifies workflow and readily returns your endpoints to a trusted state.

From the simplest requirements to the most complex. EnCase Forensic gives investigators the ability to image a drive and preserve it in a forensic manner using the EnCase evidence file format (LEF or E01), a digital evidence container vetted by courts worldwide.

EnCase Forensic Imager is a standalone product and does not require an EnCase Forensic license; there is no cost to download and use.
EnCase Forensic Imager may be used to acquire entire volumes (Ex01/E01) or selected individual folders/files (Lx01/L01). 
Users can acquire local drives, but not user-mapped network drives. Acquisition of user-mapped network drives is recommended from the source server itself. 
No install is required; files associated with the program are loaded into the User Data directory.
Strong AES 256-bit encryption is provided to protect Lx01 and Ex01 files.

EnCase® Mobile Investigator
More Apps. Most Devices. All Evidence. 

A complete mobile forensics solution which works seamlessly with EnCase Forensic.

EnCase Mobile Investigator augments the mobile acquisition capabilities of EnCase Forensic with the ability to intuitively view, analyze, and report on critical mobile evidence that is relevant to their case. With mobile-first workflows, in-depth evidence analysis, and flexible report generation, investigators can feel confident in their results.

EnCase Portable is a pocket-sized USB data collection and triage solution that leverages the powerful capabilities of EnCase. Unlike other solutions, EnCase Portable can be used by non-experts enabling scarce specialist resources to focus on case management, processing, detailed analysis, and reporting.

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