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Logicube is one of the oldest manufacturers of hard drive duplication and forensic acquisition hardware in the industry. They have been pioneers in this space since their inception in 1993. 
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Talon Ultimate
An affordable forensic imaging solution that provides exceptional performance, features & reliability.  Designed for field or forensic lab use, the Talon® Ultimate delivers advanced, high-performance forensic imaging at a budget-friendly price. Featuring a compact footprint, user-friendly navigation and unbeatable imaging speed, the Talon Ultimate continues the proud legacy of previous generations of the Talon® forensic imaging solutions. Engineered specifically for digital forensic investigators, the Talon Ultimate meets all of your forensic imaging,
hashing and wiping requirements.
  • Fast forensic imaging at 23GB/min
  • Broad interface support includes SATA, USB3 and IDE. Optional support for SAS and FireWire available
  • Image & verify from 1 source to up to 3 destinations. The optional Multi-Task feature provides multi-source imaging and multi tasking
  • AES 256 bit Encryption. Decrypt using Talon
  • Ultimate or open source VeraCrypt software
  • Web-based user-friendly interface. Allows remote access using a web browser


  • The Talon® Ultimate is an extremely fast forensic imaging solution, achieving speeds of 23GB/min.
  • Image and verify to multiple image formats; native copy, dd image, e01 and ex01. The Talon Ultimate provides SHA1, SHA256 or MD5 authentication. Dual hash (MD5+SHA1) will be available in a future software update.¬¬
  • Write-protected source ports include 1 SATA (SAS optional), 1 USB 3.0, 1 FireWire (optional). SAS and FireWire support is enabled via a software option, no additional modules required. 1 additional SATA (SAS optional) source port can be activated with the purchase of the Multi-Task option.
  • ¬Destination ports include 2 SATA (SAS optional), 1 USB 3.0 and 1 FireWire (optional). FireWire and SAS support is enabled via a software option, no additional modules required.
  • Multi-Task option. This option adds 1 additional SATA/SAS-Ready source port and allows you to image from multiple source drives to multiple destinations simultaneously.¬¬This option also provides support to image one drive while hashing and/or wiping a second drive simultaneously. Users can perform up to 5 tasks concurrently.
  • Talon Ultimate provides built-in support for SATA/USB3 storage devices including solid state drives. SAS and FireWire devices are supported with the purchase of software options.¬¬2.5”/3.5” IDE drives are supported with an adapter included with Talon Ultimate. 1.8” IDE, 1.8” ZIF, mSATA, microSATA, eSATA and flash drives are supported with optional adapters.
  • Concurrent Image+Verify. Imaging and verifying concurrently takes advantage of destination hard drives that may be faster than the source hard drive. Duration of total image process time may be reduced by up to half.
  • Secure sensitive evidence data with whole drive AES 256 bit Encryption. Decryption can be performed using the Talon Ultimate or by using open source software programs such as VeraCrypt, TrueCrypt or FreeOTFE.
  • ¬¬¬Users can capture from a MAC system booted in target disk mode.¬¬This feature requires the purchase of the FireWire ports enablement software option.
  • Preview/triage suspect drives connected to Talon Ultimate on a PC with the USB3.0 device port enablement option. Users can also copy files from drives to their PC when this option is enabled.

Optional Extras

  • Multi-Task Option. Software option activates a 2nd SATA/SAS-Ready source port. Provides ability to image multiple source drives to multiple destinations
    simultaneously. Includes 1 SAS/SATA cable­­
  • SAS Source Option1. Software option enables SAS support on source driven ­­ SAS Source Option2. Software option enables SAS support on both source and destination drives
  • FireWire Source/Destination Option. Software option enables FireWire ports activation. Includes 1 FW cable, an­­off-the-shelf Thunderbolt to FW cable is required for MACs with a Thunderbolt port
  • USB 3.0 Device Port Option. Software option activates USB3.0 port to allow previewing drives from a laptop/PC. Includes USB device cable. Users can also copy files from drives to their PC when this option is enabled.
  • M.2 SSD Adapters for SATA and AHCI SSDs (Part #: F-ADP-M.2-SATA and F-ADP-M.2-USB)

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Talon Ultimate
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