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OpenText Tableau manufactures several families of "forensic bridges" (hardware write blockers). Forensic bridges have two key functions:
  • Adapt the storage device's native interface (e.g., IDE, SATA, SCSI, or USB), to a more convenient computer interface such as FireWire or USB.
  • Prevent modification to the subject storage device.

Tableau also manufactures a full line of power supply and cable accessories to complement the forensic bridges.

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Tableau™ Password Recovery

Unlock Password-protected Data Quickly and Easily

Tableau Password Recovery is a purpose-built, cost-effective, scalable, turnkey solution that simplifies and accelerates the process of identifying, unlocking, and re-engaging password-protected files into an active case for digital investigators, e-discovery practitioners, security specialists, and risk and compliance professionals using EnCase.

Tableau Password Recovery integrates directly with EnCase® Forensic, EnCase® eDiscovery and EnCase® Endpoint Security. An EnCase plugin provides an efficient workflow to submit protected files, unlocked them, and update the active case with the
newly unlocked file and passwords from Tableau Password Recovery within a few clicks.
Unlike other password recovery solutions that are unsupported, expensive, or have demanding energy requirements, Tableau Password Recovery is:

  •  Powerful: Leverages four purpose-built Tableau field-programmable gate array
    (FPGA) hardware accelerator version 2 cards, or TACC2 cards, for hardware
    acceleration of Passware® Kit Forensic, the industry leading password recovery
  • Fast: Accelerates password recovery with speeds up to 175 times faster than
    CPU-based solutions.
  • Energy-efficient: Only consumes the energy of a typical workstation, less than
    half of a basic GPU-based solution, which results in lower operating costs, greater
    stability and better server cage management,
  • Scalable: Through additional purchases of Tableau Password Recovery, multiple
    deployments of the solution can work in parallel to provide a linear increase in
    performance for further password recovery acceleration and decreased completion
  • Comprehensive: A wide range of supported file types exists today and additional
    computational algorithms are provided as firmware updates, without the need for
    hardware upgrades.

Key Benefits of Tableau Password Recovery

  • Improved accuracy in your digital  investigations by gaining visibility  into encrypted and
    protected files.
  • Easy-to-use, cost-effective solution  brings powerful password-recovery  technology  to
    organizations of all types and sizes.
  • Energy-efficient solution that consumes no more energy than a typical workstation,
    lowers operating costs, provides greater system stability, and assists with power
    management of server cages.
  • Powerful acceleration that linearly scales with additional deployments to decrease wait
    time on active cases.
  • From identification to review, seamless unlocking of password-protected files found in
    EnCase Forensic, EnCase eDiscovery and EnCase Endpoint Security investigations.
  • Enhanced file-type support through firmware-based updates.


Tableau™ Password Recovery
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