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EDEC - Products that serve military, law enforcement and investigative agencies worldwide.

EDEC Digital Forensics, a U.S. corporation founded in 2009, designs innovative solutions for forensic analysis of mobile devices. Their products provide military, law enforcement, and investigative agencies with unprecedented capability for the examination of cell phones, GPS units, PDAs, tablets, and netbook computers.

As the world leader in acquisition from cell phones based on Chinese chipsets, radio frequency signal isolation technology, and manual evidence screen capture, their understanding research and development continues to solve industry challenges.

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Black Hole Faraday Tent

Radio frequency isolated enclosures.  With double wall construction, these faraday tents block cell phone, Wifi, GPS, bluetooth, and other radio frequency signals from low MHz to high GHz range, offering complete signal darkness.

Whether for digital forensics analysis or secure communications, our tents are designed to be easy to transport and quick to setup which means more action and less logistics.

Multiple tent packages offer necessities like ventilation and exhaust, filtered power with multiple outlets, filtered ethernet or other data IO and more.

EDEC have pre-configured atwo tent packages based on customers most common needs.  Each tent comes with a structure, faraday tent, filter accessories, carrying case and manual.  For other specific options not included in a package, see the options section.  All tents require roughly 6-8 weeks manufacturing lead time, please contact us to determine exact timeframe.


Black Hole Large Tent

This tent comfortably holds two to three individuals, desks and equipment for forensic investigations, or more individuals for secure communication purposes.

Size: 9' wide x 9' wide x 8.5' tall

Structure: Vitabri V3


Black Hole Medium Tent

This tent comfortably hold one to two individuals, one desk and equipment for forensic investigations, or more individuals for secure communication purposes.

Size: 6' wide x 6' wide x 7.5' tall

Structure: Vitabri V3 or E-Z Up



  • Double wall faraday fabric construction offers maximum shielding
  • 64dB minimum to 70dB average signal attenuation
  • Reinforced common stress areas
  • Heavy duty sewing with faraday thread
  • Magnetic/zipper combination double door system
  • Fan ventilation system keeps occupants cool
  • Quick assembly and takedown, approximately 10 minutes
  • Power and data filters through faraday box and sleeve system

Included In the Package: 

  • Faraday Tent
  • Collapsible heavy duty outer structure
  • Ventilation system with shielded fan intake and exhaust
  • Filtered box including filtered AC power and (1) filtered ethernet
  • Interior LED lighting system
  • Removable protective floor mat
  • Padded flight case with dividers
  • User manual
  • Connectors and other accessories

Black Hole Faraday Tent
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