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Tracks Inspector
Fox IT were founded in 1999, Fox-IT is headquartered in Delft, The Netherlands and works with trusted partners in more than 20 countries.

They have 150+ security experts with deep industry experience dedicated to maintaining the security and integrity of governments, enterprises, critical infrastructure, banking systems – in short, society as a whole.

It is Fox-IT’s mission to make technical and innovative solutions that ensure a more secure society. They do that through the development of advanced cyber-security and cyber-defense services and solutions for their clients around the world.
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Tracks Inspector

Fox-IT has developed a solution in which digital evidence is stored centrally while tactical investigators can use web browsers simultaneously to study this evidence quickly, easily and at an early stage. This solution is called the Fox Tracks Inspector.

Tracks Inspector is supplied as an appliance which can easily be expanded thanks to its scalable 
architecture. The system can thus grow in line with the organisation’s needs. The user interface 
is accessible through a web browser without being dependent on extra plug-ins. Tracks Inspector 
works not only in all popular internet browsers, but can also be used perfectly with an Android 
tablet or iPad thanks to the use of HTML5 technologies. 

After registering the investigator selects a case, for which a dashboard is then displayed. This 
dashboard is a visual representation of digital evidence such as hard-drives, USB sticks, DVDs etc. 
The dashboard will automatically indicate which items of evidence may be interconnected, what 
users have been created, and will notify the presence of suspicious programmes or files such as 
encryption. This information can be used to determine the sequence of the investigation and to 
assess whether the assistance of a forensic IT expert is needed. Clicking on an item of evidence 
gives the investigator an overview of the available images, documents, videos, e-mail and possibly 
the internet history. The investigator can search through the data and filter to find relevant 
material which can be marked and described.

Key features
  • Developed for collaboration among investigative teams
  •  Investigation of evidence material while a forensic copy is made
  • Use via a web browser, no need for extra plug-ins
  • Use on the move - Tracks Inspector works perfectly on Android tablets or iPads
  • Users without IT experience can get to work after just one day’s training
  • Tracks Inspector is supplied as an appliance solution
  • Tactical information in dashboards enables a strategic approach
  • Interactive and intuitive searching using smart filters 
  • Practical reporting feature
  • User interface in multiple languages
  • Easy to expand for quicker operation, more 
Tracks Inspector
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