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3G Forensics

3gforensics supply bespoke design services to law enforcement and forensic service providers. Specialising in Smart Card technology, GSM, GPS and embedded microcontroller application development. Our purpose built facilities in Cambridge, England. Facilitate design and build of prototypes and final assembly of finished items, in house. Including design and manufacture of printed circuit boards and automated assembly. 3gforensics capabilities extend to custom IC design and engineering to Silicon level.

SIMIS is a range of products facilitating data recovery from GSM SIM and 3G USIM Cards. These forensically sound products are extensively used by US and UK Law enforcement agencies.
SIM Data Recovery
Physically damaged or broken SIMs require specialised processing to produce a viable SIM for data recovery purposes. Crownhill has extensive experience in the area of SIM data recovery through its activity in the SIM manufacturing process.
Lab-in-a-Box training and equipment package
3gforensics have develped the Lab-in-a-Box solution to meet the ever growning need to recoevr data from damaged sim cards in a Reliable, Safe, cost effective, manor.
Monitor and analyse the GSM Spectrum using a unique software and hardware solution.
Cell Monitor
Cell Monitor will enable you to establish the viability of a mobile telephone user's claims regarding their location at a specific time.
CellMonitor Engine
License the CellMonitor engine to create your own independant Cell Site Analysis tool.

Training & Events

Sorry there are no training Courses offered by this Supplier.

SIMIS SIM Tools Bundle

Information taken from the SIM Card, coupled with information collected from the associated mobile equipment, can provide valuable evidence to validate a line of enquiry, prove an association or provide vital intelligence. In todays fast moving high-tech society, it is rare to find any activity that does not involve some aspect relating to mobile telephony. If GSM telephony is involved, a trail of information is waiting to be retrieved from the SIM Card.

What is SIMIS ?

SIMIS automates the process of forensic SIM data recovery. By interrogating the SIM card, SIMIS provides a detailed report in easily viewable HTML format and user-definable printed format for every SIM interrogated.
Unicode support for SMS & phonebook files with alphanumeric elements, allows foreign characters and scripts from any international language to be decoded and displayed.


  • Forensically safe - no facility for the modification of system or user data held on the SIM card.
  • Provides commented RAW data in a standard format for use in third party applications.
  • Correctly handles PIN and PUK entry under controlled conditions.
  • Builds a database with unique file references for each SIM Card.
  • Searchable database with appropriate index categories.
  • Facility to read data from the SIMIS Mobile card interrogation unit.
  • Presents data in a printable format for reports.

Forensically Safe

In accordance with ACPO guidelines SIMIS ensures that no data on the SIM is modified during the read process. The resulting reports are digitally signed with both MD5 and SHA hashes to ensure integrity. A full audit trail data is included in the analysis detailing important aspects from the acquisition process such as:

  • Operator identity
  • Start / End time and date stamp for each process carried out during the SIM interrogation
  • MD5 and SHA checksum of acquired data
SIMIS SIM Tools Bundle
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