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TX1 – Tableau Forensic Imager

Custom-Built for Digital Investigations

In the lab, or in the field, the NEW Tableau Forensic Imager (TX1) acquires more data, faster, from more media types, without ever sacrificing ease-of-use or portability.

Successor to the Tableau TD3 and redesigned from the circuit board up, the TX1 is built on a custom Linux kernel, making it lean and powerful. Every component is hand-selected and tested to guarantee reliability and performance when conducting forensic imaging operations.

Tableau TX1 connected

Broad Media Support
The TX1 can forensically image a broad range of media, including PCIe and 10Gb Ethernet devices, and supports up to two active forensic jobs at a time (simultaneous imaging). When imaging, TX1 outputs to raw .DD and .dmg formats, .e01 (compressed), or .ex01 (compressed), and features extensive file system support (ExFAT, NTFS, EXT4, FAT32, HFS+). 

Tableau TX1 sideA

TX1-S1 Drive Bay

  • Adds two additional cable-less SATA/SAS destination drive connections to the TX1

  • Compatible with 2.5” and 3.5” SATA/SAS drives

  • Internal fan provides drive cooling

  • Easy modular connection – Just slide to connect/disconnect from the TX1

  • Included in the TX1 Kit! 

Support up to Four Destinations per source

With the Drive Bay connected, the TX1 can output to four SATA/SAS, one USB 3.0 and one or more network shares. TX1 supports up to four destinations per source (1:4) with the ability to combine clone/image duplication and local/network destinations. Flexibility and power that save users’ time! 

Tableau TX1 side B


Featuring the industry’s first 10 GbE network connection, the TX1 provides superior network imaging performance. TX1 supports an iSCSI target as a source or destination and a CIFS share as a destination.

TIP: Combine a Tableau TX1 with a portable Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution that supports 10 GbE to improve your forensic imaging workflow by acquiring all suspect media to the NAS through the TX1’s network port. No need for bare drives!

Beautiful and Intuitive User Interface

The TX1 features a tablet-sized (7”) colour touch-screen display with navigation menus and features that resemble modern smartphones: 

  • Home tab enables quick operations in just two touches: (Duplicate, Verify, Hash and Browse)

  • Jobs tab provides summary and details of active, queued and completed jobs

  • SideNav gives access to Logs, System Settings, Network Settings and Imaging Defaults

  • Pinch and Zoom

  • Sensible Defaults

  • On-screen warnings within various settings and operations screens

  • Intelligent preconditions and rules to protect the user by disabling destructive operations on drives in use


Some additional accessories not included in the TX1 Kit are available for purchase separately:

Tableau IDE Adapter

  • Adapts IDE to PCIe so that IDE drives connect through the TX1’s PCIe port

  • TX1 will recognize drives connected through this adapter as IDE in logs

  • Tableau IDE Adapter (TDA7-5)

Tableau PCIe Adapters

  • Required when using the PCIe port on the TX1

  • Leverage PCIe architecture to maximize performance by adapting to a new form factor rather than adapting through slower media alternatives

  • Offered individually or as a bundle:

Pelican Case

The TX1 is shipped in a custom built foam insert within a cardboard case. The foam insert fits perfectly into a Pelican 1500 case. The Pelican case is sold separately by Fulcrum Management.