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Magnet Review

Magnet Review collects and documents all your digital evidence into a single platform, allowing non-technical users to analyse it from their web browser.

Reduce Case Backlogs

With Magnet REVIEW, non-technical investigators can jump right into the digital evidence and examine it themselves — saving significant time and money for departments.

  • Review evidence from anywhere

    Investigators can look at multiple pieces of evidence – including pictures, chats, documents and browser history – from their web browser and no longer need to drive into the lab.

  • Empower investigators

    Built from the ground up to simplify digital evidence review, investigators can hit the ground running and find the evidence that matters to their case.

  • Secure your evidence

    Eliminate the risk of unauthorised access to digital evidence on USB drives and CDs by storing data in a centralised server with permission controls and audit logs.

  • Maintain a full history for disclosure

    Reports on all digital evidence collected and accessed can be quickly generated and shared — making the disclosure process easier for the digital forensics lab.

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