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Fulcrum Tableau Ultimate Kit

The Fulcrum Tableau Ultimate Kit offers the latest advances from Tableau. The Ultimate Kit includes Tableau write blockers T35u IDE/SATA Bridges, T8u USB Bridge, T7u PCIe and the T6u SAS Bridges. In addition the kit contains the IDE and PCIe adapter kits as well as a Media Card Reader.

The Fulcrum Tableau Ultimate Kit is assembled in Australia from 100% Tableau and Digital Intelligence components. The inclusions can be tailored to your specific requirements. The kit is delivered in a black Pelican 1500 case (or select a colour from the range) with insert/dividers.

The Ultimate Kit contains all the write blockers, cables, adapters, and power supplies necessary for use in acquiring images in the field using a standard laptop with FireWire or USB support. Simply select the appropriate Write Protected Tableau and attach it to the source drive, attach your target drive to the Write Enabled Tableau-IDE/ SATA, and use your desktop or laptop to acquire a forensically protected disk image.

Ultimate Kit Contents

Tableau Bridges
One Tableau-eSATA(Write Blocked) Forensic Bridge T35u
One Tableau- PCIe (Write Blocked) Forensic Bridge T7u
One Tableau-USB (Write Blocked) Forensic Bridge T8u
One Tableau-SAS (Write Blocked) Forensic Bridge T6u

Power Supplies
Two Tableau Power Supplies (TP2)
Two 240v Australian Power Supply Cords
One TC2-8 R2 Cable. 3M power (male) to Molex 4-pin plug (female). 8" length.
Two TC5-8-R2 Cables. M power (male) to SATA power. 8" length.

Drive Interface Cables
One TC6-8 cables. IDE 80-conductor ribbon, strain relief and pull tabs, both ends. 8" length.
One TC3-8 SATA signal cable. 8" length.
One TC4-8-R2 cable. Unified SATA/SAS signal+power to SATA/SAS signal and 3M power (male). 8" length.
Two TC-USB3 cables. USB 3.0-A (9-pin) to USB 3.0-B (9-pin). 6' length.
One Hard-drive adapter SATA IDE 7 piece adapter kit (TKDA-SATA-IDE-7PC):
One TC6-2 Cable. IDE 80-conductor ribbon, strain relief and pull tabs, both ends. 2" length.
One TDA5-18 3.5" - 1.8" IDE hard disk adapter
One TDA5-25 3.5" - 2.5" IDE hard disk adapter
One TDA3-1 Adapter. 3.5" SATA - microSATA Hard Disk Adapter.
One TKDA5-ZIF 3.5" - ZIF IDE hard disk adapter with 2 ea. TC20-3-2 (Toshiba) and TC20-3-3 (Hitachi) ZIF cables
One replacement IDE ZIF cable bundle. Bundle includes 2 each TC20-3-2 (Toshiba style) and TC20-3-3 (Hitachi style) IDE ZIF cables
One TDA3-2 3.5" SATA - microSATA hard disk adapter
One TDA3-LIF SATA LIF Hard Disk Adapter with set of 2 LIF cables in a black TB2 bag
One TDA3-2 SATA - Blade-Type Solid State Drive (SSD) Adapter for MacBook Air.
One each of five PCIe adapters (TDA7-1, TDA7-2, TDA7-3 TDA7-4, TDA7-7)

One Media Card Reader Write Block

Pelican 1500 Black Case:
Watertight, Airtight, High Impact with movable dividers.

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