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Passware Kit Forensics new training session and a video on PKF updates


Have you considered learning more about batch recovery and dictionary manager? 

Passware just added a new training session to Passware Certified Examiner Training. The 30-minute video tutorial walks you through the following topics:

  • Why use batch recovery

  • Adding files and creating groups for batch recovery

  • Sorting password recovery settings by complexity

  • Attack and timeout settings for batch recovery

  • Adding, merging and sorting dictionaries

  • Compiling a dictionary from a memory image

They also upgraded session 12 with new tips regarding standalone systems.

If you are already a member of the Passware training program, simply log in and enjoy the session. If you haven’t yet purchased the training program contact Fulcrum for a quote.

To give you a brief overview of all the important updates to Passware products in 2020, they put together a short video. Take a look here