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Password Recovery
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Password Recovery

The AccessData Password Recovery course provides the knowledge and skills necessary to use PRTK to recover passwords. 


This course is intended for forensic investigators with a basic working knowledge of the following: • Forensic Toolkitฎ (FTKTM)

• FTK ImagerTM
• Password Recovery ToolkitTM (PRTK) • Microsoft* EFS Encryption
• Basic cryptography

To obtain the maximum benefit from this course, you should meet the following requirements: • Able to understand course curriculum presented in English

• AccessData BootCamp or equivalent experience with FTK and PRTK • Previous investigative experience in forensic case work
• Perform basic operations on a personal computer
• Be familiar with the Microsoft Windows environment

Class Materials and Software:

You will receive the associated materials prior to the course.

During this one-day, hands-on course, participants perform the following tasks:

• Review different encryption systems.
• Explore different types of encryption attacks including dictionary, keyspace, and rainbow table attacks.
• Decrypt an ROT13 password.
• Encrypt and decrypt using XOR.
• Decode Trillian passwords.
• Rec
over extended ASCII character passwords.
• Recover foreign language character set passwords.
• Review what types of information may be gleaned from the suspect to build a custom dictionary
for a PRTK attack.
• Review the PRTK interface.
• Define
custom dictionaries and attack profiles.
• Decrypt files in PRTK.
• Generate reports to document job results.
• Recover passwords from Microsoft Office products including:

o Microsoft Word
o Microsoft Excel
o Microsoft Outlook
o Microsoft PowerPoint o Microsoft Access

• Recover foreign language passwords.
• Recover a Windows logon password.
• Use the AccessData Decryption Methodology to attack encrypted documents:

o Export the case index from FTK to build a custom PRTK dictionary.
o Recover password artifacts from Windows registry files.
o Build biographical dictionaries using case data and web artifacts.
o Use the Passphrase Generator to generate possible passphrases from case documents or a dictionary 

Password Recovery
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