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BlackLight Tool Training
BlackBag Technologies
Sorry there are currently no sessions scheduled for BlackLight Tool Training.
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BlackLight Tool Training
Over a period of two days, the BlackLight Tool Training course will offer a hands-on investigative approach
addressing best practice techniques for authenticating, analyzing and reporting digital evidence found on Mac
OS X computers, iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) devices and Windows systems. Coursework covers the use of
BlackLight, a comprehensive triage and analysis tool designed to help investigators conduct digital forensic
examinations. After a brief introduction to MacQuisition, BlackBag’s imaging tool, students will triage a full case
and learn the advanced functions of BlackLight though instructor-led exercises and hands-on practical case

Class Objectives
At the conclusion of this course, students will have a comprehensive understanding of BlackBag’s BlackLight
forensic examination tool. Students will possess the knowledge and skills necessary to correctly and con"dently
use BlackLight while conducting a cross-platform digital forensic examinations. Coursework will culminate with
the creation of a customized, standard format forensic examiner case report using the built-in software reporting
Course Requirements
While there are no prerequisites for this course, students should bring a laptop for use during the hands-on
exercises, meeting the following speci"cations:
• Mac (10.7+) OR PC (Win 7+)
• Intel-based system
• 2.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or better
• 4GB RAM or more
BlackLight Tool Training
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I. Acquiring Evidence using BlackLight
I. Forensic Image Acquisitions
II. Importing Existing Forensic Images
II.I. EWMounter - E01 Files
II.II. DMGAssist - .dmg Files
III. Other iOS Acquisition Options
III.I. Logical iOS Device Acquisitions
III.II. iOS Backup Folder Acquisitions
III.III.Authenticating Evidence
IV. Hashing Forensic Images
V. Hashing Individual Files
II. Analyzing Evidence
II.I. Features and Functionality - OS X Analysis
II.I.I. Details
II.I.II. Browser & File Filter
II.I.III. Pictures & Internet Logs
II.I.IV. Chat Logs & Email
III. Features and Functionality - iOS Analysis
III.I. Calls & Voicemail
III.II. SMS & Notes
III.III. Apps & Maps
III.IV. Calendar & Contacts
III.V. WiFi & VoiceMemo
III.VI. Dictionary & Location
III.VII. Media
III.VIII.I. Tagging, Metadata and File Export
III.VIII.II. Organizing and Generating a Report
IV. Hands-on Practical and Q&A
* Although unlikely, course outline subject to change without prior notice.
* Law enforcement only
* All proceeds from this training will be donated to charity.

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BlackLight Tool Training
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