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Computer Forensics & The Cloud
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Computer Forensics & The Cloud

Computer forensics and the Cloud brings with it unique challenges regarding the acquisition, preservation, and analysis of potential digital evidence. Data can be stored anywhere in the world, and based on its location or country, privacy laws could be an issue. Establishing a chain of custody is also difficult or impossible and the data integrity and authenticity cannot be fully determined. 

Cybercriminals are using free and paid, convenient storage options, like Google Drive and Dropbox, to store illegal files, and to launch malware attacks. Criminals can use sites to share malware infected files that can compromise systems. The installed malware can be used to siphon data from computers. When examining a local computer, the examiner has the best possible access to artifacts that may relate to cloud usage. Forensic analysis on the system should center around; installed applications, temporary Internet files, web cache, registry entries, and other artifacts.

This advanced two day course provides the knowledge and skills necessary to analyze the Microsoft Windows operating system artifacts to locate user data and file system artifacts related to the usage of cloud services.

This class will introduce the students to:

  •   What is the Cloud

  •   Cloud Architecture

  •   Challenges in Computer Forensics

  •   Legal Considerations

  •   Locating Evidence Artifacts

    •   Dropbox

    •   iCloud

    •   OneDrive

    •   Google Drive

      The class includes multiple hands-on labs that allow students to apply what they have learned in the workshop.


      To obtain the maximum benefit from this class, you should meet the following requirements:

  •   Read and understand the English language.

  •   Perform basic operations on a personal computer.

  •   Have a basic knowledge of computer forensic investigations and acquisition procedures.

  •   Be familiar with the Microsoft Windows environment.

    Class Materials and Software

    You will receive the student training manual containing the training material, lab exercises and class-related information. 

Sorry - there are no sessions available to book.
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