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AD Linux Forensics
Sorry there are currently no sessions scheduled for AD Linux Forensics.
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AD Linux Forensics

AccessData Linux Forensics FTK course provides the knowledge and skills necessary to install, configure and effectively use Forensic Toolkit® (FTK), FTK Imager® Password Recovery Toolkit® (PRTK) and Registry Viewer.

 During this one-day workshop, participants will review the following:

  • Common Linux Distributions
  • General Linux File Structure, Commands and Applications
  • Linux OS Artifacts:

o Printer Information

o Installed Software

o USB Tracking

o Distribution in Use

o Wireless Network Information

o Time Zone Information

o Computer Host Name

  • User Profile Information
  • System-related Data in the User Profile:

o Track Folder

o Bash History

o Thumbscaching

o .cache Folder Artifacts

o .config Folder Artifacts

  • Files and Folders Accessible to the User
  • User-related Artifacts for Default Applications

o Firefox

o Thunderbird

o XChat

o Pidgin


The class includes multiple hands-on labs that allow students to apply what they have learned in the workshop.


To obtain the maximum benefit from this class, you should meet the following requirements:

Read and understand the English language.

Perform basic operations on a personal computer.

Have a basic knowledge of computer forensic investigations and acquisition procedures.

Be familiar with the Linux environment.

BootCamp or equivalent experience with FTK, FTK Imager, and Registry Viewer.


Class Materials and Software

You will receive the student training manual and CD containing the training material, lab exercises and class-related information.

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