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Intella In-class Training
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Sorry there are currently no sessions scheduled for Intella In-class Training.
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Intella In-class Training

This one day workshop will familiarise users with the basics of Intella, a product used for email investigation, early case assessment and ediscovery reviews.

Intella is a rapid investigation tool that utilises a visual mapping system to assist the data analyst in identifying and retrieving evidence relevant to the case. The visual mapping system offers a birds-eye view of keyword combinations.

With each search, Intella displays the number of documents that match the search (and of course a link to the documents themselves) so that the analyst can effectively zoom in to find relevant evidence in the shortest possible time.

Students will be shown how to use the product and graphical features to quickly identify relevant evidence from the data they are reviewing and produce reports on that data.

The training will cover theory and practical exercises to help the students:

  • Open a new case and process various evidence types
  • Understanding the processing and settings for case preparation
  • Searching the evidence using keyword
  • Filtering evidence
  • Bookmarking Evidence
  • Exporting Cluster Maps
  • Deduplication via MD5 and Message ID
  • Adding new evidence to a existing case
  • Exporting to other Ediscovery Tools
  • identify which users were involved in the sending or receiving of an email or attachment
  • filtering for relevant emails and attachments
  • Building complex searches
  • Understanding email metadata
  • Understanding mail file structures
  • identify spoofed emails
  • identify cluster patterns and networks in emails
  • Identifying Metadata is documents
  • Creating a report with Intella.

  • Intella In-class Training
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