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TRM Advanced Crypto Investigator

An advanced certification course designed for those with existing crypto forensics experience.

TRM-ACI is ideal for power users who want to leverage blockchain intelligence to the fullest extent during investigations and provides practitioners with advanced knowledge and skills for a variety of investigative blockchain activities.

Course includes:

Access to the on-demand virtual courseTraining materialsInstructor access via live chatDigital completion certificate and badgeExam administration

Develop your blockchain skills anywhere, anytime

TRM Academy certification courses are delivered fully online and can be taken anywhere, anytime suitable for your schedule.


  1. Crypto crime tactics

  2. Ethereum blockchain

  3. Ether to Ether transactions

  4. Smart contracts

  5. Ether to contract transactions

  6. Decentralized exchanges

  7. NFTs

  8. DeFi transactions

  9. Binance chain and smart chain

  10. TRON: an Ethereum clone?

  11. Ethereum mixers

  12. Types of bridges

  13. Alt coin challenges

  14. Pattern analysis: mixers

  15. Mixers: decentralized Bitcoin mixing

  16. Data extraction via OSINT sources

Learning objectives

Students who complete this course should be able to:

  • Understand the threat landscape and vectors that lead to crypto crime

  • Explain manual demixing via services such as Wasabi and Tornado Cash

  • Understand derivation paths

  • Read contracts and identify contract spoofing

  • Apply signatures, both manual and those available in TRM Labs

  • Apply advanced forensics methods such as multi-signature confirmation in hex

Delivery and pricing

Students can engage with the course anywhere, anytime that suits their schedule.

Training materials are delivered virtually on-demand via a learning management platform and the access to the course does not expire.

Time commitment: 14 hours plus time to complete the final assessment.

  • Upon successfully passing a final assessment, students receive a digital accreditation certificate and badge.

  • Live instructor-led certification courses can be arranged on request for groups of at least 5 — additional fees apply.

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Duration - 14 hours plus time to complete the final assessment

Available on demand

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