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SQLite Database Interrogation Workshop

Course Overview

SQLite is a relational database management system which is the most popular format for application developers due to its standalone functionality and ease of setup, management and low resource usage. Most mobile applications have built in SQLite databases to store user data, along with the main web browsers that we use daily. With this widespread popularity it has become more important that examiners have an understanding of this database format and how to extract and report on information stored within the tables, that our forensic tools may not support.

This one-day workshop will give participants an understanding of relational databases, and how to exploit SQLite using scripts to extract and interpret information stored as a series of records within each table. Using data files from commonly used applications the workshop will consist of multiple hands-on to reinforce knowledge learnt throughout the day on SQLite fundamentals and scripting foundations.

Students will use a variety of open source and leading forensic applications to examine key artifacts through multiple hands-on labs and student practicals.


Duration - 1 Day

Dates & Locations

  • Available Virtual Class (Live Remote)

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