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Dark Web Investigator

At the farthest corner of the online world lie the hidden recesses of the Dark Web and its Darknet marketplaces. The Dark Web may be accessed for both legitimate purposes and to conceal criminal or other malicious activities. 

Intermediate Level

This hands-on 5-day course will teach you how to access the Dark Web safely and anonymously, navigate within the many layers of the Dark Web to discover hidden Wiki’s and dig through Dark Web search engines. Course participants will learn how to create and use a life-like persona that would withstand scrutiny. Attendees will also learn how to interlink multiple personas that would endure a performed link analysis and other investigative methods. Golden nuggets of investigative intelligence can be found within Dark Web forums and chat rooms. Participants will know the importance and impact of chat room related criminal activity, auctions, locations, transactions, and etiquette. Furthermore, we will examine the various Darknet marketplace models and niches, crypto currencies used on the Dark Web, marketplace takedowns, and key Darknet vendors. Attendees will learn how buyers and sellers on the Darknet transact business under the cloak of anonymity. Class participants will learn how to create a vendor account, list, and publish products, services, and data.  

 Primary Learning Modules
• Module 1: Get started with Tor
• Module 2: Tor routing protocols and security features
• Module 4: Access the Dark Web safely and anonymously
• Module 5: Navigate within the many layers of the Dark Web
• Module 6: Discover hidden Wiki’s
• Module 7: Dig through Dark Web search engines
• Module 8: Dark Web persona basics
• Module 9: Public Key Encryption (EPKE) / Private Key Decryption
• Module 10: Intelligence that can be found in Dark Web Forums and Chat Rooms
• Module 11: Use the language, culture, and etiquette of the Dark Web
• Module 12: Understand various Darknet marketplace models and niches
• Module 13: Crime as a Product Marketplace
• Module 14: Counterfeit Marketplaces
• Module 15: Weapon Marketplaces
• Module 16: Drug Marketplaces
• Module 17: IP Marketplaces
• Module 18: Apple Marketplaces
• Module 19: Samsung Marketplaces
• Module 20: Credit Card Marketplaces
• Module 21: ID Theft Marketplaces
• Module 22: Citizenship Marketplaces
• Module 23: Driver License Marketplaces
• Module 24: Passport Marketplaces
• Module 25: Tier 2 Marketplaces
• Module 26: Specialty Product Marketplaces

Module: 27: Use crypto currencies on the Dark Web
• Module 28: Identify key Darknet Vendors
• Module 29: How some Darknet vendors got caught
• Module 30: Create a Darknet vendor account
• Module 31: List and publish Darknet products, services, and data.
• Module 32: Track bitcoin transactions
• Module 33: Navigate Dark Web Drug Markets
• Module 34: Examine Dark Web Escrow Resources
• Module 35: Crime as a Service Marketplaces
• Module 36: Human Trafficking on the Dark Web
• Module 37: Red Rooms, Pay Per Torture and more
• Module 38: Hit Man, Rape, and other services
• Module 39: Pedophilia on the Dark Web

To get the most out of this class, you should have minimal experience of forensic examinations.

You will receive a student manual, lab exercises and other class-related material

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Duration - 5 days

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