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Chip-Off Forensics for Mobile Devices

The Chip-Off Forensics for Mobile Devices v3.0 is a new, updated, and exciting H-11 Digital Forensics certified 5-day training course for cell phone examiners and digital forensic experts. This course teaches our innovative No Heat chip removal technique, in addition to the Hot Air and Infrared Heat removal methods.

H11 chip off training 1

New tools and techniques continue to show high rates of success while significantly lowering the risk of damage to the evidence. Students will leave this course with the knowledge and advanced skills needed to perform a successful Chip-Off on mobile devices, USB drives, SD drives and other devices for forensic extraction, examination, and investigations.

H11 chip off training 2

The course is taught by US (ex Signals) practitioners who are experts in the field.

PDF: H11 Chip Off Course description

The equipment required for the course can also be purchased through Fulcrum. There are 2 variations of the kit. Click here for kit contents You can also use kit you may already have.

We can tailor the course to meet your requirements. Call or email us to discuss your needs.


Duration - 5 days

Dates & Locations

  • 12.08.24 - Location and date TBC

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