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CCFF Cellebrite Computer Forensic Fundamentals

Course Description
Cellebrite Computer Forensic Fundamentals (CCFF)is a four (4) day entry level course designed to provide users with an introduction to digital forensics methodologies and the use of Digital Collector and Inspector. Whether the goal is to learn the fundamentals for investigative techniques or gain experience with Cellebrite’s tools, the CCFF course
provides a perfect opportunity. The course is taught using a full scenario-based investigative tutorial to better merge the different skill levels of attendees. Participants will achieve the CCFF certification upon passing a knowledge skills assessment with a score of 80% or better.

Computer Forensics, Investigative
Cellebrite aims to support learners in the pursuit of excellence in Digital Intelligence specialty areas without the need to commit to any degree program. Cellebrite's Academic & Learning Paths provide guided training programs and continuous skill set development to achieve various levels of educational or professional goals.
By following a learning path, students can target personal, professional, and leadership skills in a Digital Intelligence career for law enforcement, military, intelligence, and private sector practitioners. Cellebrite’s curriculum reflects its commitment to digital intelligence excellence by helping professionals around the world achieve a higher standard of
competence and success. Below are general audiences and focus areas relative to this course.

Course Learning Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
- Explain live triage and imaging procedures for both MacOS and Windows
- Describe the features and functions of Digital Collector
- Explore booting and utilizing Digital Collector for data collection
- Discuss various file systems
- Explore the features of Inspector
- Review Inspector case management
- Explore the processing in Inspector
- Identify, tag, and annotate extracted data
- Explore utilizing filtering and searching within Inspector
- Discuss extracting data, creating and comparing hash sets, and reviewing media with Inspector
- Explore file carving, email evidence, internet artifacts, and archives
- Examine and understand Mac and iOS artifacts
- Examine and understand Windows artifacts
- Generate investigative reports and portable cases

This course is available as virtual (live remote) and in class training.


Duration - 4 Days

Available on demand

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