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Magnet Forensics
Magnet AXIOM Advanced Computer Forensics (AX250)
Location: 515 St Pauls Tce, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006
Starting 24th June 2019
Duration: 4 days

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Cellebrite Training

Cellebrite Advanced Smartphone Analysis (CASA) Course - Advanced

The Cellebrite Advanced Smartphone Analysis (CASA) class is an expert level four day, twenty eight hour course lead by Cellebrite Certi ed Instructors (CCIs). During this Expert Series course students will take an in-depth look into the challenges presented by iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices. This hands-on class focuses on forensic recovery of application data in SQLite databases, defeating passcodes. In addition, they will learn about analyzing user data in iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices. In addition to Cellebrite Physical Analyzer software, a variety of forensic investigative methods are used to get the information you need

Cellebrite's Advanced JTAG Extraction (CAJE) training is an expert level four-day certification course lead by Cellebrite Certified Instructors (CCIs).

During this course, participants will learn about the JTAG process, electrical theory, methodologies, and purpose as well as understand the equipment and accessories necessary for successful JTAG extractions. Instructors will help attendees to not only develop, but also to hone fundamental soldering skills, gain practical knowledge with hands-on practice as well as share best practices and legal considerations for processing JTAG extractions. Additionally, participants will learn how to fully leverage the Physical Analyzer to decode JTAG extractions properly. As part of their attendance, participants will receive a RIFF 2 JTAG box, a Z3X Pro (Easy JTAG) box, a Molex adapter kit, a class specific toolkit, and a Cellebrite soldering practice board.
This is the the entry level course for Celebrate Operator training.  The 2 day hands on course covers:
UFED Touch overview and logical, password, and SIM 
extractions plus SIM cloning
UFED Logical Analyzer and UFED reader overview 
Reporting on technical findings
This course is also available via on demand online (as a cheaper option)

This is a hands on 3 days course for Physical Analyst.  The course includes:
File systems and media encoding
UFED Touch overview: File system & physical extractions with password bypass
UFED Physical Analyzer overview
Advanced search techniques
Verification and validation of findings
Reporting on technical findings
Plug-in chain manager
Smart device overview and challenges
This course is also available via on demand online (as a cheaper option)
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