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Beyond Security

Company Overview

Beyond Security specialises in developing tools that uncover security holes in servers, expose vulnerabilities in the corporate network, check computer systems for the possibility of hostile external attacks and audit vendor products for security holes.

Beyond Security started its activities with the launch of the SecruiTeam web portal, which is considered today to be one of the leading security web sites on the Internet. The portal receives over 2.0 million page views a month and updates thousands of registered users on its daily security alert list.

The SecuriTeam web portal is a vital part of the company's activities and an essential competitive advantage.

Beyond Security utilised the knowledge accumulated in SecuriTeam to develop the Automated Scanning engine. Automated Scanning performs a security mapping of the organisation's network and simulates attacks originating from either the internal or the external network. Once the security mapping is complete, Automated Scanning generates a detailed vulnerability report specifying the security breaches, along with several practical and easy-to-apply solutions to fix those vulnerabilities. The engine is updated on a regular basis for the most recent security vulnerabilities.

Among Beyond Security's customers are financial institutes, hi-tech, ISPs, information security firms, cellular, telecom and e-commerce companies.

Training & Events

Sorry there are no training Courses offered by this Supplier.

Beyond Security Products
  • Easiest VA/VM to set up and use
  • Lowest false positive rate
  • Scales from 200 to 2M nodes

  • Find vulnerabilities during development
  • 'Smart Fuzzer' technology
  • Certify applications before purchase
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