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Oxygen Software
Oxygen Software Company was founded in 2000 and since that time the business focuses on PC-to-Mobile communication software. Their software uses special "know-how" techniques that allow Oxygen Forensic Suite to access much more information than competing logical forensic analysis tools.
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Oxygen Forensic Detective
Oxygen Forensic® Detective - all-in-one mobile forensic solution for data extraction from mobile devices which includes advanced and significantly improved modules for data analysis: Oxygen Forensic® Cloud Extractor, Oxygen Forensic® Call Data Expert and Oxygen Forensic® Maps.

The new Oxygen Forensic® Detective v.8.0:
•    Incorporates 30+ extraction methods including logical and physical live data acquisition, cloud data extraction, call data records import as well as various device backups and images parsing in a single solution.
•    Supports live data acquisition from 11,000+ mobiles devices running on iOS, Android OS, Windows Phone 8, Windows Mobile 5/6, RIM (Blackberry), Symbian OS, Bada OS, Chinese MTK chipset as well as feature phones. Support for brand-new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus is included.
•    Ability to extract data from multiple devices simultaneously, cutting collection times in half.
•    Ability to disable screen lock on LG Android OS devices is built-in.
•    Ability to bypass passcode on iOS devices is built-in.
•    Locates passwords to encrypted iTunes and Android backups and Android images.
•    Offers advanced Oxygen Forensic® Cloud Extractor - built-in utility to acquire data from cloud storage services: Apple (iCloud Contacts and Calendar), Google (Location history, Drive, Contacts, Calendars, Mail, Tasks), Microsoft (Contacts, Calendar), Dropbox and Box as well as social media, like Instagram and Twitter. Extracted credentials and tokens can be used to access the cloud account.
•    Offers Oxygen Forensic® Maps - built-in utility to work with geo data. Includes the ability to find frequently visited places, build routes from user’s data and determine common locations of device owners across multiple device images.
•    Offers Oxygen Forensic® Call Data Expert - built-in utility to import call data records (also known as CDR files) from any wireless provider and analyze connections between callers visually.
•    Acquires the complete evidence set from mobile devices and backups: contacts, messages, calls, calendars, complete file system, geo data, Wi-Fi connections history and much more.
•    Market leader in the number of supported unique 3rd party applications. Parses user data from 300+ unique applications and 1000+ app versions including social networks, messengers, navigation, web browsers, productivity, banking, fitness, and others analyzing contacts, shared files and communications.
•    Automatically recovers deleted contacts, messages, calls, images, videos as well as data from all supported applications. 
•    Extracts geo-location data from all possible sources: images, hundreds of popular applications, Wi-Fi and Cell Tower connections.  
•    Offers built-in analytics of extracted data:
o    Timeline. Uncover the usage pattern of the mobile device revealing locations and communications before, during and after an incident.
o    Social Graph. Finds evidence and reveals all social connections between a single device or multiple devices in just few clicks.
o    Links & Stats. Offers a quick option to view the user’s communication patterns and assist in determining most frequently contacted.
o    Aggregated contacts. Gains instant access to all contact’s compiled information, showing every reference to every contact throughout the device.
o    Key Evidence. Allows the expert to bookmark important evidence to either later review in the Key Evidence Section or create a report of bookmarked items only.
•    Supports cross-device and cross-case customizable search engine and watch lists to reveal phone numbers, e-mails, geo coordinates, credit card numbers, hash values, IP or MAC addresses. Search runs as a standalone process, saves all results and offers printing and preparing reports for any number of searches.
•    Offers advanced built-in SQLite Viewer - the market-leading tool to automatically recover deleted data from any SQLite database.
•    Offers built-in Plist Viewer for native Apple devices.
•    Builds and prints reports using the most popular file formats (XLS, RTF, PDF, XML, CSV, TSV, etc.). Export engine is a stand-alone 64-bit utility that allows to export extracted records faster and browse acquired data while waiting for the device data report.
•    Offers free Oxygen Forensic® Viewer to share extracted data with authorized personnel.
•    Oxygen Forensic® Detective is available in two licenses:
o    Single license is delivered by express mail service, does not require online activation, valid for one customer only and can be installed on unlimited number of PC’s, but the program requires USB dongle to be inserted into USB port.
o    Enterprise license is delivered by express mail service, does not require online activation and can be used by several examiners in a local network or all over the world. The program requires only one USB dongle plugged into the server and all network computers connect to it transparently. Enterprise license is limited only for the number of computers running Oxygen Forensic® software simultaneously
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