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EDEC - Products that serve military, law enforcement and investigative agencies worldwide.

EDEC Digital Forensics, a U.S. corporation founded in 2009, designs innovative solutions for forensic analysis of mobile devices. Their products provide military, law enforcement, and investigative agencies with unprecedented capability for the examination of cell phones, GPS units, PDAs, tablets, and netbook computers.

As the world leader in acquisition from cell phones based on Chinese chipsets, radio frequency signal isolation technology, and manual evidence screen capture, their understanding research and development continues to solve industry challenges.

Training & Events

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Eclipse Pro Kit

Designed for digital forensics examiners and now crime scene investigators, Eclipse 3 is a complete evidence photography, management and reporting suite.  Eclipse specializes in streamlining route documentation processes involving large amounts of photos and information.  With great features like hands-free capture, OCR analysis, video frame extraction, tagging tools and robust reporting, Eclipse reduces your workload and misses no evidence.  The Pro Kit utilizes the Eclipse Pro software version, which includes SLR capture capability and USB capture capability.

Analyze with OCR

Convert images to searchable text with the new Eclipse OCR engine.  Target specific areas for accurate and automated conversion.  

Free Eclipse Reporter

Anyone can now search text, edit media and create reports with the free Eclipse Reporter.  Save time and pass case files to prosecutors.

Overall Features 

Photograph cell phone screens, documents, or crime-scene evidence

Use in airports, checkpoints, or prisons as a capture kiosk

Streamline repeated image capture processes

Video an examination and pull key frames at any point

Convert images to text with targeted OCR analysis engine

Import any major format of image/video from other cameras

Maintain chain of custody with forensic process and hashing

Send detailed reports to prosecutors or case detectives.  

Send a raw case file to let 3rd parties create reports with the free Eclipse Reporter

Software Features

Pro Software Version

Canon Camera SLR Capture Engine

USB Camera Capture Engine

OCR Analysis with text targeting

Multiple information fields like tags, categories, and notes

EXIF data viewer with ability to include in reports

Password protected raw case file export/import

Import media from all major media formats

Batch rotate, crop, notes, tags

Four media viewing methods to maintain organization

Hands-free capture with foot pedal

Video-to-image frame extractor

HTML, PDF, Word, Excel Reporting with multiple formatting options

Free Eclipse Reporter version for 3rd party report creation

Hardware Features

Canon SLR Camera Bundle with soft case

AC Adapter, Batteries, Polarized Filters, UV Filter

Metal Base Plate with Podium

Manfrotto Camera Arm and Rail Mount

Manfrotto Flex Arm & Glare Shield Plate

Multiple Hardware Clamps

Hands-Free Foot Pedal

SKB Rugged Hard Case

Other Various Accessories

License, Support & Warranty

1 Year Software Updates

1 Year Warranty & Support

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