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OpenText - Tableau
OpenText Tableau manufactures several families of "forensic bridges" (hardware write blockers). Forensic bridges have two key functions:
  • Adapt the storage device's native interface (e.g., IDE, SATA, SCSI, or USB), to a more convenient computer interface such as FireWire or USB.
  • Prevent modification to the subject storage device.

Tableau also manufactures a full line of power supply and cable accessories to complement the forensic bridges.

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Fulcrum Tableau Ultimate Kit

The Fulcrum Tableau Ultimate Kit  offers the latest advances from Tableau. The Ultimate Kit includes Tableau write blockers T35u IDE/SATA Bridges, T8u USB Bridge, T7u Pcie and the T6u SAS Bridges. In addition the kit contains the TDA5-AD hard-drive adapter kit, TDA3-2 SATA  Blade for Solid State Drive (SSD) adapter, the TKDA3-Lif adapter and the PCIe triple adapter kit.

The Fulcrum Tableau Ultimate Kit is assembled in Australia from 100% Tableau components.The inclusions can be tailored to your specific requirements. The kit is delivered in a black Pelican 1500 case (not yellow as pictured).

 The Ultimate Kit contains all the write blockers, cables, adapters, and power supplies necessary for use in acquiring images in the field using a standard laptop with FireWire or USB support.  Simply select the appropriate Write Protected Tableau and attach it to the source drive, attach your target drive to the Write Enabled Tableau-IDE/ SATA, and use your desktop or laptop to acquire a forensically protected disk image.

Ultimate Kit Contents

Tableau Bridges

  • One Tableau-eSATA(Write Blocked) T35u
  • One Tableau- Pcie (Write Blacked) T7u
  • One Tableau-USB (Write Blocked) T8u
  • One Tableau-SAS Forensic Bridge T6u
Power Supplies
  •     Two Tableau Power Supplies (TP5-INTL)
  •     Two 240v Australian Power Supply Cords
  •     One TC2-8 R2 Cable. 3M power (male) to Molex 4-pin plug (female). 8" length.
  •     Two TC5-8-R2 Cables. M power (male) to SATA power. 8" length.

Drive Interface Cables
  • Two TC6-8 cables. IDE 80-conductor ribbon, strain relief and pull tabs, both ends. 8" length.
  • Two TC3-8 SATA signal cable. 8" length.
  • One TC4-8-R2 cable. Unified SATA/SAS signal+power to SATA/SAS signal and 3M power (male). 8" length.
  • Two TC-USB3 cables. USB 3.0-A (9-pin) to USB 3.0-B (9-pin). 6' length.
  • One Hard-drive adapter kit (TDA.MULTPACK) in a black TB4 bag.
  •    One TC6-2 Cable. IDE 80-conductor ribbon, strain relief and pull tabs, both ends. 2" length.
  •    One TDA5-18 3.5" - 1.8" IDE hard disk adapter
  •     One TDA5-25 3.5" - 2.5" IDE hard disk adapter
  •    One TDA3-1 Adapter. 3.5" SATA - microSATA Hard Disk Adapter.
  •     One TKDA5-ZIF 3.5" - ZIF IDE hard disk adapter with 2 ea. TC20-3-2 (Toshiba) and TC20-3-3 (Hitachi) ZIF cables
  •     One replacement IDE ZIF cable bundle. Bundle includes 2 each TC20-3-2 (Toshiba style) and TC20-3-3 (Hitachi style) IDE ZIF cables
  •     One TDA3-2 3.5" SATA - microSATA hard disk adapter
  •     One TDA3-LIF SATA LIF Hard Disk Adapter with set of 2 LIF cables in a black TB2 bag
  •     One TDA3-2 SATA - Blade-Type Solid State Drive (SSD) Adapter for MacBook Air.  
  •    One PCIe triple adapter kit TKDA7-3PC-BNDL (TDA7-1, TDA7-2, TDA7-3)

Pelican 1500 Black Case

  • Watertight
  • Airtight
  • High Impact
  • P&P Foam Lined
Fulcrum Tableau Ultimate Kit
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