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Voyager Vision

Analyze visual data of any type

VoyagerVision is a comprehensive visual intelligence platform that offers a full suite of visual data analysis capabilities. Using state-of-the-art AI technology, the platform automatically enables mapping of entities and their relationships including the nature of those relationships, detection of objects, extraction of texts, and more. VoyagerVision turns visual data from any source into visual intelligence.

In-depth entity relationship mapping

Instantly generate a relationship map of key leads and understand the nature of their connections with others.

Lists creation

Create lists into your investigation to reveal suspicious entities.

Any visual data source

Use visual and meta data from any source to cross-validate, expand, and enrich the investigation.

Object detection

Quickly locate images featuring objects relevant to the investigation (specific objects can be added to the system per customer request).

Text extraction

Extract any text appearing in images such as texts in posters, banners, clothes, and more.

Uncover leads

Reveal individuals and understand their storylines.

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