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Voyager Insights

Discover the story behind the facts

Successful investigations depend on an investigator’s ability to quickly extract actionable intelligence, uncover the story behind the facts, and decide where to go next.

VoyagerInsights is an advanced AI central investigative platform designed to solve cases by automatically uncovering relevant leads as well as leads investigators were not aware of.

By analyzing and understanding the case’s unstructured and structured data, the platform discovers and highlights the story behind both extracted and inferred facts.

Accelerate your investigation

Automatically uncovering the hidden storylines from masses of disparate data at the click of a button.

Better utilize your organization’s investment in acquiring data

Merging the information layers and understanding the key entities and the story behind all the data.

Achieve investigation breakthroughs

Surfacing unknown, non-obvious, hidden, and indirect connections between entities: individuals, groups, organizations, locations, dates and events.

Get a full up-to-date picture of your investigation data

Automatically monitoring and integrating in near real-time any new relevant information into the multi-layer map.

Automate your process

Using advanced cutting-edge AI technology Vs. manual process.

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