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Voyager Check

Immediate evaluation in near real-time

Many organizations struggle with making informed decisions and risk assessment at scale.VoyagerCheck is a risk assessment platform that provides an automated indication of individuals who may pose a risk. The platform provides the ability to automatically assess user behavior by answering predefined questions in near real-time, based on analysis of structured and unstructured data from a variety of databases and online sources.

Ask any question

AI engine trained to answer any predefined question.

Simple to use

Requires minimal user training and provides an easy-to-understand indication of results.

Unparalleled mass analysis

Performs vast volumes of checks per day and receive an accurate automated response.

Completely configurable

Adjust scoring criteria, thresholds, and data sources according to specific use cases, focus, and mission requirements.

Near real-time information

Users can harness the most complete, recent, and accurate publicly available data.

Immediate results, remarkable accuracy

Generate rapid results using advanced AI-driven human behavior analysis, image recognition and pattern analysis.

Fully automated

Decision-making process is augmented at scale without compromising precision over time.

Can be used in the field

Frontline users can operate the platform by either mobile devices or web tools.

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