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TK6u – Tableau Forensic SAS Bridge Kit

The Tableau Forensic SAS Bridge is a portable write-blocker that enables forensic acquisition of SAS hard drives. The kit includes Tableau power supply and adapter.

A second-generation Tableau product, replacing the Tableau T6es


Suitable for both the field and lab

Imaging speeds up to 200 MB/second

USB 3.0 host computer connection

User-switchable read-write mode via internal DIP switch supports wiping and formatting of SAS devices without the need of an expensive SAS controller card

Integrated, backlit LCD presents useful bridge and SAS device information

Six LEDs provide status on power, host connection, SAS device detection, write-block status, and activity

Free Tableau firmware updates


SAS Device SAS hard drive devices

Host OS Microsoft Windows version 7, 8, 10

Macintosh OS X

Most modern Linux distributions (Note: Linux distributions have varying levels and quality of support for USB 3.0)

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