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Tableau Multipack Drive Adapter Kit

This hard drive adapter pack is a compact kit which includes a selection of Tableau and Digital Intelligence drive adapters: TDA3-1 (microSATA), TDA3-2 (SATA blade-type SSD), A4710 (SATA III to M.2/mSATA Adapter), TDA3-LIF (SATA LIF), TDA5-18 (1.8” IDE), TDA5-25 (2.5” IDE), TDA5-ZIF (ZIF IDE) and associated cables. All adapters are designed to work with Tableau’s write blockers and duplicators. This kit ships with a handy nylon zippered bag.

Included Items:

TDA3-1           microSATA adapter
TDA3-2          SATA blade-type SSD adapter
A4710            SATA to M.2/mSATA Adapter
TDA3-LIF       SATA LIF adapter
TDA5-18         1.8” IDE adapter
TDA5-25        2.5” IDE adapter
TDA5-ZIF       ZIF IDE adapter
TC6-2             IDE cable - 2"
TC20-BNDL   ZIF cable - Qty 4
TB4                 Nylon zipper bag with pockets