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Tableau Forensic TD4 Duplicator

Tableau Forensic TD4 Duplicator. As the next generation of forensic duplication technology, the TD4 delivers the ideal combination of features and performance for smaller-scale triage, acquisition, and media management workloads. 

Tableau Forensic TD4 helps to optimize investigative resources, and supports digital forensic investigation processes. The TD4 features:

Optimized portability

Measuring just 6.7“x 4.6“, the TD4 fits easily into investigator tool kits and provides the portability needed for on-site acquisitions.

Touch screen interface

The intuitive touch-screen interface ensures seamless operation during the acquisition process and accommodates a variety of levels of investigative expertise.

Update port connectivity

Providing USB-C device support, PCIe source/destination support for cloning capabilities and PCIe hot-swap functionality, the TD4 enables efficient image acquisition of commonly discovered devices.

Note: The TD4 replaces the TD2u which was discontinued in November 2022.

For a complete list of TD4 features, refer to the resources section of our website.

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