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Recon Lab

Recon Lab is Digital Forensic software for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Google Takeout Automated Analysis.

RECON LAB is SUMURI’s newest flagship forensic suite that is designed using common sense. You wouldn’t trust a doctor to perform surgery knowing that they only looked at half of your medical results. Similarly, as a forensic examiner, why would you continue to use tools that miss data that is readily available?

Common sense and your reputation can answer that question for you. 

Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Google Takeout Automated Analysis

We are not just software architects and coders, we are Certified Forensic Computer Examiners.  We are active practitioners that have decades of experience which we have added to our software.

We automate the analysis of thousands of artifacts from Windows, Mac, iOS Android, Google Takeout and more to speed up your investigations and reduce caseloads.

Mac Magic... Apple Extended Metadata

All Mac operating systems since 2005 have been creating an additional database of information about its files that can answer important questions and solve cases. Apple Extended Metadata can tell you a story about files; who sent it, when it was downloaded, how it was received, when it was viewed,  was it opened by a human and more.

RECON LAB was the first to identify, parse and report on Apple Extended Metadata natively.

Reports for the 21st Century

Bookmark, report… Bookmark, report… Bookmark, report… so draconian.

Imagine a new type of reporting where you have control over the report and anything in it! RECON LAB includes a fully functional integrated report editor called Story Board.

Not only does Story Board allow you to edit anything in your report inside RECON LAB it can also sort your bookmarked or tagged data chronologically! This way you can tell the “story” from its beginning to its end in the proper order.

Note: You have a 15 month period (1 year and 3 months) from the start date to renew software at the renewal list price, after this time you will have to pay the full price for the software. 

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