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Passware Kit Mobile

What is Passware Kit Mobile

Passware Kit Mobile Beta is a state-of-the-art forensic tool that extracts and decrypts user data from mobile devices.

  • Extraction & decryption of locked devices

  • Windows and Mac versions

  • Relies on Passware Kit Forensic technology for brute-force and decryption

    • GPU-accelerated recovery of unlock codes (where possible)

    • Decryption of data for support applications (1 password, Signal, more apps to follow)

State-of-the-art mobile forensic tool

Passware forensic products are used by the world’s top law enforcement agencies to crack cases where decryption is required – with a 70 percent success rate. Our team has worked hard to build the next generation of decryption solutions for mobile devices – Passware Kit Mobile.Bypass or Recovery of Passcodes.

Bypasses or recovers pattern, password, or PIN locks. Extracts data from locked or encrypted mobile devices.

Passware Kit Mobile Image

Decryption of Application's Data

Recovers open passwords and decrypts Signal Messenger and 1Password data. Support for additional applications is coming soon.

Accounts and Passwords Extraction

Extracts iOS Keychain data and passwords from 1Password manager. Creates a decrypted copy of Keychain for further analysis.

Fast Recovery

Accelerates the recovery of unlock codes for supported devices with NVIDIA and AMD GPUs.

Advanced Extraction Methods

Performs a forensically sound full file-system extraction. Extracts encryption keys from hardware-backed Keystore.

Runs on Windows and macOS

Acquires mobile devices on both Windows PCs and Macs.

Supported Devices

Apple Devices

AppleiPhone 4S, 5, 5C, 6, 6S, 6 Plus, SEAppleiPhone 7 (Coming Soon)AppleiPhone 8-X (Planned)AppleiPad Air 2

Android Devices

HuaweiP30, P20HuaweiMate30, Mate20LGLG devices (Coming soon)SamsungSamsung devices (Planned)

We put together a short 4-minute video to summarize the key features and licensing options of the Passware Kit Mobile. Watch the video and learn how the software works with Apple iPhones recovering the passcodes and extracting the file system and Apple keychain.

We offer Passware Kit Mobile beta testers an attractive introductory price. Ask Fulcrum for details.

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