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Magnet Witness

Upgrade Your Video Forensics Solution

Magnet WITNESS is the evolution of DVR Examiner that now gives you the ability to acquire, review, and analyze video evidence all with one advanced product.

New and Improved

WITNESS is the evolution of DVR Examiner and provides all the features and capabilities you’re used to and then adds more! Use WITNESS to directly connect DVRs and bypass passwords while recovering from DVRs that may be damaged, burnt, or broken.


  1. Extract all video evidence in bulk and automatically save it to a case folder.

  2. Recover deleted video and metadata.

  3. Bypass passwords and skip unfamiliar or complicated third-party menus or interfaces.

Magnet Witness 1

More Video

WITNESS can recover and analyze almost any video file an investigator comes across. WITNESS goes beyond DVR video and supports over 50 native or proprietary DVR file formats, plus cloud sources like Ring, Arlo, and more.


  1. Support for over 50 of the most popular native or proprietary video formats from a variety of recording devices (including DVRs) as well as open video such as H264, MOVs, MP4s and AVIs.

  2. Recover and analyze video evidence from popular cloud video sources like Ring and Arlo.

  3. Expanded evidence capabilities to include video from body cams, dash cams, drones, mobile phones, and more.

Magnet Witness image 2

Powerful and Easy to Use

WITNESS delivers a consistent, repeatable user experience for every case. Now equipped with a Case Wizard that simplifies the creation of cases so you can get started faster than ever. WITNESS is so powerful yet user friendly that advanced and beginner users alike can be proficient.


  1. The Case Wizard lets you easily build a simple case around one piece of evidence or can scale to larger complex cases with multiple pieces of evidence.

  2. Intuitive workflows that are easily understood and adopted by technical and non-technical stakeholders.

  3. One interface: forget about having to navigate foreign and unfamiliar third-party menus for every video source.

Magnet Witness image 3

Advanced Features

WITNESS has the most advanced feature set for video evidence review, analysis, and reporting. A new synchronized matrix view of multiple videos makes it easier than ever to pinpoint an event and follow the trail of evidence from one video source to the next.


  1. Synchronized matrix view preview of multiple videos

  2. Create notes, tags, and bookmarks for others to review important pieces of evidence and use them to generate reports

  3. Sub-clipping to extract pertinent information from larger video files

  4. Column filtering to quickly find data

Magnet Witness image 4

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