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Today, many private companies employ digital forensic experts, cybersecurity professionals, and investigators to extract and process data from commercially owned devices to support various litigation scenarios. Smartphones have become a valuable resource for private companies across hybrid work environments. However, a company’s integrity can be compromised by the data on mobile devices. Organizations must find comprehensive solutions that provide a path to the truth, empower their examiners, safeguard their business, and improve operations.

VeraKey is a state-of-the-art mobile forensics access tool that performs full file system extractions, including encrypted and inaccessible data, from mobile devices. The plug-and-play solution is controlled by a user friendly web interface. VeraKey is a consent based mobile forensics solution available for the commercial sector.

A CONSENT-BASED MOBILE FORENSICS SOLUTION FOR THE COMMERCIAL SECTOR While most digital forensics labs have existing tools and workflows, today’s wide range of devices requires a more comprehensive solution. VeraKey by Grayshift is a consent-based mobile forensics solution for the commercial sector. Historically leveraged to protect public safety, VeraKey is available to help protect commercial customers’ integrity and assist in eDiscovery and commercial litigation matters.

ORGANIZATIONAL AND EMPLOYEE PROTECTION In a world where more and more people are working remotely, protecting your IP (Intellectual Property), organization, and workforce is essential. VeraKey helps protect business and client integrity with a consent-based mobile digital forensic solution that is easy to use, comprehensive, and accelerates case resolution.


  • Simple Equip users with a tool that doesn’t require reskilling, eases adoption, and complements existing solutions.

  • Comprehensive Extract more data from a wide range of leading devices with full file extraction and keep it secure in the lab and cloud.

  • Fast Expedite time to first fact and time to first insight with simultaneous extraction and analysis.

Technical Features

  • Enable efficient data archiving and accessibility through integrated cloud storage technology

  • Secure collected data in the lab and the cloud with automatic encryption and geofencing

  • Expedite manual data reviews through automated evidence tagging

  • Scale examiner’s abilities with feature additions and enhancements upon a simple refresh of your web browser

  • Enrich and augment existing workflows by integrating enhanced extraction capabilities and cloud analytics


With VeraKey you can obtain and review data extractions simultaneously to identify critical evidence within minutes to enhance collaboration, maximize resources, and streamline investigations.

  • SIMPLIFY WORKFLOWS Streamline examinations with a single solution for extraction and analysis

  • DISCOVER MORE DATA Deepen examination insights by collecting more data through full file system extraction

  • ACCELERATE INVESTIGATIONS Validate findings faster through near real-time collaboration and sharing


ArtifactIQ by Grayshift provides investigative staff with a state-of-the-art, cloud-native digital forensics solution that simultaneously receives and processes data extractions to identify critical evidence within minutes, accelerating collaboration, and maximizing departmental resources and faster case resolution.