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Advances in smart phones introduce challenges for law enforcement

Mobile devices are a major source of evidence, but obtaining that evidence can be challenging. Furthermore, agencies often lack the budget or the personnel to handle the volume of devices that get collected over time. This can result in a backlog of devices that need to be reviewed and extending the time for case resolution.

Expedite your investigations with GrayKey

The speed of collecting data and the depth of data analysis is paramount in digital forensics. Grayshift is the leader
in mobile device digital forensics, specializing in lawful access and extraction. The GrayKey device, is a state- of-the-art forensic access tool that extracts encrypted or inaccessible data from mobile devices. This plug-and-play platform is controlled by an easy-to-use web interface

and is regularly updated for the latest software versions, devices or hardware and is compatible with existing forensics analysis products.

Access is the cornerstone of digital forensics

The continuous advances in technology can be a real challenge for mobile digital forensic investigators. At Grayshift, we invest in our research and technology to ensure that our customers are supported on the latest and greatest device platforms, which now include leading Android devices.

GrayKey is the leader in mobile data extraction for the iOS platform and can offer full-file and same day extraction. And now, we have expanded our portfolio to provide mobile data extraction for leading Android devices. Providing you with the data extraction capabilities that go beyond iOS - giving you the ability to access more devices – for faster case resolution.

Obtaining more evidence through advanced data extraction

GrayKey provides the most complete extraction with access to all data including the following:

  • iOS Keychain (e.g. enabling access to encrypted third-party applications)

  • Complete file system extraction available for

  • Android devices

  • iOS process memory

    Digital forensics is continuing to grow and is becoming a critical form of intelligence. Only GrayKey can provide you with access to the evidence you need, to help you solve more cases – faster.

Only GrayKey can:

  • Extract more data from locked and encrypted mobile devices – on site at your own department all while maintaining chain of custody.

  • Assist with the prioritization of obtained devices for data extraction

  • Integrate with existing forensic analysis products

  • Offer a scalable digital forensic solution that can meet the demand of any size
    law enforcement agency

  • Support a broad range of iOS devices and versions and now for leading
    Android devices

  • Deliver the best-in-class customer support

For law enforcement and government agencies only