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Magnet Axiom Cyber

A digital forensics solution which performs remote acquisitions as well as collect and analyse evidence from cloud storage and communication services, computers and mobile devices.

Simplify Your Remote Forensic Investigations by Focusing on the Evidence That Matters

Organisations of all sizes fall victim to cybersecurity threats every day. With an artifacts-first approach and built-in remote collection, Magnet AXIOM Cyber helps you quickly understand what happened so you can safeguard your business in the future. 

Use Magnet AXIOM Cyber for HR and Insider Threat investigations as well as root cause analysis for Incident Response.


Insiders can use their privileged access to modify records and steal or transfer money for financial gain. AXIOM Cyber helps investigators quickly understand what data was accessed and by who.

Employee Misconduct

Put together all the pieces of the puzzle by examining artifacts from the file system, cloud accounts, mobile devices and memory when it comes to claims of workplace harassment or misuse of corporate assets.

Incident Response

Network intrusions and malware attacks can have catastrophic effects. AXIOM Cyber will help you quickly perform root cause analysis to understand how an incident occurred so you can protect your organisation going forward.

IP Theft

When it comes to data exfiltration cases, it’s critical to see the whole history of the file—where it came from, when it was opened, who it was sent to. AXIOM Cyber lets you understand this across all evidentiary sources.

Axiom Cyber covert remote

Covert Remote Collection

AXIOM Cyber enables you to quickly and covertly perform remote collections from Windows and macOS devices with an ad hoc agent. Automatically reconnect to the target if it goes offline and resume collections from where it left off.

Magnet Axiom Cyber

Advanced Cloud Acquisition

Use admin credentials to acquire data from Office 365, G Suite, and Box so you don’t tip off the target to an ongoing investigation. Collect data from corporate cloud services like AWS S3, EC2 and Azure virtual machines as well as MS Teams and Slack.

Reduce Complexity

AXIOM Cyber’s artifacts-first approach immediately presents the data needed to work through your case with ease and efficiency. Powerful Analytics features like Timeline, Connections and Magnet.AI save time and hassle.

Get All The Evidence You Need

AXIOM Cyber brings together evidence from Macs, PCs, mobile devices and cloud sources in a single case file so you can see the whole picture. Plus, acquire memory and unencrypted collections of files even when the source drive is encrypted.

This video is a quick overview how the Cyber Acquisition Tool works

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