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Magnet ArtifactIQ

Meet ArtifactIQ by Grayshift

ArtifactIQ by Grayshift is a data analysis software that helps you unlock and analyze data to keep your investigation moving forward. Win the race against the clock with reduced time to first fact and seamless collaboration with investigative staff inside and outside your agency.

  • Accelerate - Powerful speed. Powerful data analysis. Solve more cases with ArtifactIQ.

  • Simplify - Automatic GrayKey integration. Easy-to-use interface. Time to first fact just got faster.​

  • Analyze - Follow the data. ArtifactIQ patterns and connections. Keep your investigation moving forward.​

  • Collaborate - One tool. Multiple users. Collaborate instantly with investigative staff anywhere.​

  • Automate - Tag, collect, and document specific artifacts. Generate court usable reports. Simplify the reporting process. 

  • Manage - See who, when, and how data extractions are being viewed and shared with others.  Determine who’s authorized to view extractions. Manage access levels.

Coming to APAC SOON. Start working in the cloud, pick a plan later. Try ArtifactIQ by Grayshift for free and explore full solution capabilities so you can pick the plan that best meets your investigative and agency needs.



  • Unlimited Extractions

  • Extractions are stored 7 days, can reactivate 3 times for a total of 28 days

  • Basic Reporting Capabilities


  • Submit support ticket capabilities 

*Free capabilities are subject to change 



  • 1 user per license

  • Unlimited extractions

  • Extractions are stored and available for 12 months** 


  • User Management Capabilities 


  • Advanced Reporting Capabilities 


  • Dedicated


    Live Chat


    support within the product


    (Hours:  3:30 AM – 8:00 PM ET (M-F)


**Extended cloud storage options will be available for an additional fee
*** Limited hours when observing US and/or UK holidays 

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