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iVe Forensic Software and Hardware

The iVe Ecosystem is a collection of tools that supports investigators throughout the entire vehicle forensics process with a mobile application for identifying vehicles, a hardware kit for acquiring systems, and forensic software for analyzing data.


Identify supported vehicles by positively identifying the systems installed in a vehicle then determine what data can be obtained, how that data may support an investigation and what the steps are to acquire the data.


An acquisition may require systems to be removed from a vehicle and disassembled or be performed in place in a vehicle. In either case, acquisition hardware must be attached to the vehicle or system to acquire data.


Ensure the data obtained during an acquisition contains the expected types of information. Determine if the data present relates to an investigation and verify key information that will be used as evidence.


iVe Mobile allows investigators to identify vehicles supported by iVe, determine which systems are installed, know what data can be retrieved, and how to acquire the data – all prior to taking action. It provides instructions for locating and removing vehicle systems and monitor the progress of long running acquisitions.

  • Supported Vehicle Lookup Tool

  • System Identification Guides

  • System Removal Instructions

  • Acquisition Method Descriptions

  • Acquired Data Content Viewer


iVe Desktop is a Windows based application. It is the workhorse of the iVe ecosystem and is used for all acquisitions. It is used to parse data, recover deleted information and view raw file systems. iVe Desktop includes a full suite of analysis and reporting tools to include mapping, data export, search, and timeline analysis.

  • Raw Data Analysis Tools

  • Advanced Data Parsing

  • Custom Report Builder

  • Multifaceted Data Filtering

  • Complex Search Capability


The iVe Toolkit is a collection of specifically developed interface boards and cables used to acquire various supported vehicle systems. The toolkit includes tools to help remove the systems from a vehicle when required. The interface boards and cables are used in conjunction with the iVe software to acquire the data.

  • Trim Removal Pry Tools

  • System Removal Tools

  • Device Interface Boards

  • System Interface Cables

  • Portable Power Supply

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