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FREDDIE Ruggedized Mobile

FRED systems are designed and built from the ground up as high performance, forensic acquisition, analysis and processing platforms. The advanced technology and features available exclusively from Digital Intelligence set FRED systems apart and Digital Intelligence's build quality and service ensure your FRED investment will yield lasting value. Built to Survive Travelling Everywhere.

Built to Survive Traveling Everywhere
FREDDIE is the portable ready-to-go-anywhere version of the FRED digital forensic workstation. Powerful and rugged, FREDDIE’s standard configuration starts with an Intel six core i7-6800K, 3.4 GHz CPU with 15 MB cache and 32 GB of DDR4 memory. When digital forensic work requires travel by sea, land, or air - take along a FREDDIE. Ruggedized, Mobile Solution for Digital Forensics.

Ruggedized, Mobile Solution for Digital Forensics
Field work requires reliable equipment capable of dealing with unexpected challenges. FREDDIE is built in a ruggedized enclosure and designed for field use at electronic crime scenes. Packed with advanced features and quality-built, FREDDIE excels at field acquisition and analysis work. Storage Flexibility and Capacity.

Storage Flexibility and Capacity
The base FREDDIE ships with three high-performance drives for the OS, database/cache/temp, and case data. A four 2.5-inch SATA drive chassis flexes storage capacity when needed. A USB 3.1 connected 3.5” SATA hot-swap removable drive tray makes for convenient, fast data transfer.

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