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FRED L Forensic Laptop

FRED systems are designed and built from the ground up as high performance, forensic acquisition, analysis and processing platforms. The advanced technology and features available exclusively from Digital Intelligence set FRED systems apart and Digital Intelligence's build quality and service ensure your FRED investment will yield lasting value.

Acquire. Analyze. Solve.

Small in stature yet big in features, FRED-L laptops built with Intel Core i7-8700K six core processors provide the processing punch for any forensic challenge. Memory expandable to 64 GB and slots for up to four hard drives supports the I/O flexibility required by today’s leading forensic software applications. High performance external interfaces including Thunderbolt, USB 3.1, and USB 3.0 minimize data transfer times. Field or lab. Imaging or analysis. FRED-L laptops perform.

Great Performance. Awesome Value.

Buying a FRED-L laptop gets you more than just a top-of-the line, high-performance forensic computer. Each FRED-L laptop includes our valuable UltraKit stocked with three UltraBlock write blockers (SATA/IDE, USB3.0, and PCIe), an UltraBlock Forensic Media Card Reader, a Digital Intelligence SATA III to m.2 SSD adapter, a PCIe m.2 SSD adapter, and the Digital Intelligence USB 3.0 drive enclosure with a 2 TB hard-drive. All for the price of the FRED-L laptop.

UltraBlock SAS, UltraBlock FireWire, and IDE adapter kits are available as kit options.

VPER - Kitted for US Special Forces. Available to You.

The Digital Intelligence VPER kit is configured to ensure you are always prepared for the next forensic challenge. At the core of each VPER kit is a FRED-L laptop. We’ve also included a set of UltraBlock write blockers, a Tableau TD2u Forensic duplicator, the Digital Intelligence Forensic Card Reader, adapters, cables, power supplies, and assorted tools. EnCase Forensic 8 is a popular VPER kit option. When you aren’t certain what the forensic road ahead will be, it’s reassuring to be traveling with a VPER.

Designed for Use at Digital Crime Scenes

FRED-L’s are built for use at digital crime scenes. Use the FRED-L and the UltraKit v5 to collect and process digital evidence at any crime scene. Simply remove the suspect drive or storage device, connect it to an UltraBlock, and image. FRED-L can then be used to triage, analyze, or process the collected forensic evidence.

Experience You Can Count On

We’ve been shipping FRED-L’s since 2004. While we can’t claim invention of the laptop, we will claim perfecting it for digital forensics. Take a FRED-L to your next crime scene and see what we mean.

Built to Run Leading Forensic Software

With multiple software boot options, FRED-L is ready for any forensic software tools your investigation calls for. Windows 10 64-bit Pro and openSUSE 64-bit Linux Pro are pre-installed. Whether your software tool of choice is optimized around multiple cores, clock speed, or memory, FRED-L’s power and flexibility shine through.

Digital Intelligence FRED L

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