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Firewire Adapter for PCIe compatible products TDA7-9

This adapter connects a FireWire device or Mac booted in target disk mode to an approved write-blocked PCIe device for the purpose of forensic triaging and imaging.  Approved PCIe write blocking is available in the FRED UltraBay 4 and 4d, the UltraBay 4 Portable, the UltraBlock PCIe, and the TX1 Tableau Forensic Imager.

FireWire (C2200, C2500) and PCIe (C3005, C3010, or C3015) cables are required for proper connection and operation.  Cables sold separately or as a kit (A1645).

PCIe SSD adapter for FireWire devices.  For use with Tableau PCIe products (TX1, Universal bay mounted bridge and T7u) as well as UltraBlock PCIe, UltraBay 4d, UltraBay 4 and UltraBay 4 Portable.

This adapter replaces the Tableau T9 Firewire bridge

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