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EnCase Information Assurance

A complete solution with the industry-leading collection now with unmatched analytics and continuous machine learning. OpenText Axcelerate + EnCase eDiscovery empowers legal teams to collect and identify the facts that matter for litigation, compliance, and governance.

1. There’s nothing better than culling

EnCase enables enterprises to cull data right at the source, efficiently reducing data volumes and collecting only what they need. Thousands of customers already conduct forensically-sound collections and preservation of data utilizing the industry standard EnCase Logical Evidence File (LEF) format, accepted in courts worldwide.

Once the data is collected, Axcelerate provides robust Early Case Assessment (ECA) capabilities—delivered through its renowned Smart Filters—to further reduce the amount of data that needs to be promoted to attorney review. Plus, Axcelerate pioneered Predictive Coding for document review, with continuous machine learning that can reliably reduce human review by (you guessed it) 70%.

2. Knowing is better than not knowing

The cost of e-discovery often drives tense negotiations, with corporate enterprises seeking to limit its scope based on the limited information they have. Meanwhile, unknown facts buried in enterprise data can leave legal teams uncertain about case strategy and their own tolerance for settlement.

EnCase enables early predictability around discovery; it helps legal teams gain the earliest possible insight into the cost and scope of potential litigation with continuous data assessment, to inform their negotiation strategy even before any data is actually collected.

In turn, Axcelerate excels at providing early insight into collected data with unsupervised machine learning. Leveraging visualized communication maps, conceptual analysis, and phrase analysis, legal teams can more quickly surface the critical facts that inform their case strategy.

3. You’d better not miss the data that matters

When conducting an investigation, gathering all the necessary data is essential. Not everything you need is accessible via e-mail archives or Enterprise Content Management (ECM) repositories, and that brings us to the endpoints: laptops, tablets, and mobile devices are critical sources of custodian data.

EnCase technology is deployed on over 35 million endpoints—more than any other endpoint solution—and supports over 26,000 profiles for phones, tablets, and smartwatches. EnCase lets you examine the entire data content stored on a target machine hard drive, including encrypted data, so you can always find what you need.

To ingest and manage your collected data, Axcelerate provides award-winning data processing and advanced analytics (multiple Legaltech Innovation Awards, 2015 and 2016), whether used on-premise, on-demand with full services, or via a virtual private Cloud subscription with services optional.

EnCase eDiscovery

EnCase eDiscovery is a comprehensive and scalable solution for managing electronic evidence for litigation or investigative matters.

Early Predictability

Gain the earliest possible insight into the costs and scope of potential litigation through early and continuous data assessment – all before any data is actually collected.

Robust Automation

Reduce time-consuming tasks by automating custom workflows designed to collect and process potentially relevant data in a forensically sound manner – without any disruption to your business.

Unparalleled Collections

Meet all reasonable preservation requirements by collecting data from wherever it’s stored, including email servers and document repositories – both on premise and in the cloud.

Legal Hold

Automate Legal Hold Processes and Management

You need an integrated, comprehensive, and largely automated solution to systematically notify custodians that may be party to a litigation matter. Executing legal hold in a defensible manner will greatly reduce your risk of spoliation or missing production deadlines that can result in significant sanctions to your organization. With EnCase eDiscovery you can:

  • Create and manage litigation holds from a single interface

  • Automate everything from legal notices to manager escalations

  • Ensure preservation obligations are met in full

  • Provide global cross-case reports and custodian overview dashboards

EnCase eDiscovery supports Relativity

The Technology Alliance Partnership between EnCase eDiscovery + Relativity allows legal teams to:

  • Work with and move their data from collection to review

  • Achieve efficiency across multiple stages of the eDiscovery process

  • Gain flexibility and scalability for all matter types and sizes