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Encase Endpoint Security

OpenText EnCase Endpoint Security equipped with real-time monitoring and detection of persistent threats, for uninterrupted visibility into endpoints and advanced threats with the potential to survive a system reboot.

Earlier Detection, Faster Decisions and Unprecedented Threat Response.

OpenText EnCase Endpoint Security add-on software

Augments the forensic detection and response capabilities of OpenText™ EnCase™ Endpoint Security by providing comprehensive malware, active breach, and insider threat detection coupled with end-to-end orchestration and automation capabilities. This agentless and cloud-based technology enables enterprise-wide threat assessments through a streamlined deployment with proven scalability and flexibility. Important alerts are passed to Endpoint Security to provide best-of-breed automated response capabilities.

360° Visibility into the Endpoint

Security teams have been battling to stay ahead of the curve, but without deep and trusted visibility into your endpoints, we're expending more effort than reward. EnCase Endpoint Security enables you with:

Earlier Detection

Earlier Detection of elusive risks, threats and anomalous activity unique to your organization, reducing your mean-time-to-discovery.

Faster Decisions

With time-critical endpoint telemetry, you can validate or dismiss security events as they happen, eliminate the chance of missing that critical alert and ensure continual return from security investments.

Forensic-Grade Response

Single, flexible platform that delivers automated and on-demand response, simplifies workflow and readily returns your endpoints to a trusted state.