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Cellebrite Premium as a Service

Premium-as-a-Service Delivers Cost-Effective Advanced Data Access & Collection

This SaaS-based solution offers advanced lawful data access and collection capabilities for the widest variety of iOS and Android devices, providing unparalleled benefits to lab technicians and examiners.

  • Overcome resource and budget constraints with this flexible, cost-effective solution for agencies of all sizes.

  • Receive insights into decoded information with a managed service for advanced data access.

  • Improve ROI by seamlessly connecting your installed UFEDs to an advanced data collection solution.

  • Expedite your agency's digital intelligence efforts leading to faster time to justice.

Trust the industry leading, field-proven Cellebrite technology, deployed by thousands of agencies.

3 Package Offerings

  • Key- 35 Unlocks​ UL Extractions​ Single Endpoint

  • Pro - 140 Unlocks​ UL Extractions​ Three Endpoints

  • Unlimited - UL Unlocks​ UL Extractions​ Three Endpoints

Digital Intelligence Solutions

Cellebrite’s industry-leading digital intelligence solutions help accelerate time to justice by moving investigations along swiftly beginning with collection and review. Examinations that demand advanced mobile device access can now enjoy Cellebrite Premium as a service, packaged to fit varying agency needs. Take a short product tour.

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