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Cellebrite Pathfinder

When a crime occurs, the race is on to generate leads, identify suspects and make arrests. Case outcomes often rely on digital evidence, yet analyzing large volumes of disparate data is difficult and time consuming, putting investigations at risk. Forensic practitioners need fast, powerful analytics tools that can turn raw data into intelligence that investigators can act on.

Designed as a standalone application, Cellebrite Pathfinder automates time-intensive analytical tasks to deliver the deepest, most accurate insights possible and shorten investigation cycles. This cost-effective tool adds power and value to your existing forensic tools with purpose-built analytical engines that allow users to quickly correlate, analyse and cross reference large disparate sets of mobile, computer, cloud and telco data.

Dynamically view data from multiple angles and isolate key details, like objects or faces within images, for easy analysis and reporting to case stakeholders. Investigators benefit from not having to review large, cumbersome PDF reports but instead applying real-time knowledge and context required to work cases faster and keep communities safer. Prosecutors get accurate, defensible intelligence that effectively bolsters their case.

Key Features

Cellebrite Pathfinder automatically merges large quantities of disparate mobile, cloud, computer and telco data sources so users can simultaneously identify patterns, reveal connections and uncover leads with greater speed and accuracy.

Reveal critical evidence faster

Text analytics
Natural language processing lets you go beyond regex and watch lists to reveal names, addresses, locations, and more from artifacts like emails, websites, text messages or even images that contain text, using OCR, in multiple languages.

Media analytics
Cutting edge machine learning algorithms immediately detect images and video related to key categories, such
as weapons, nudity, faces or suspected child exploitation. Automatic facial recognition software and advanced categorisation sorts data based on pre-defined filters. Identify relevant or blacklisted images by comparing digital signatures.

Timeline and map analytics
Extract location-related data from all relevant sources to track a suspect’s whereabouts, identify case related hotspots and detect meetings, geo-routines and routes. Visualize mutual locations, communication flow and patterns across suspects, events or even cases, with timeline or map-based views to identify the critical connections that solve cases.

Eliminate time-intensive manual analysis
Analyse data faster. Simplify complex analytical tasks to build the case more quickly. Automatically unify and correlate data from across disparate sources, such as mobile devices, computer, cloud and telco service providers. Save time and resources by analysing multiple logical, file system and physical extractions and external sources in various formats in a single view.

Focus on the most meaningful evidence
Eliminate the need to review images one by one with advanced media analytics utilising unique neural network machine learning processes. Apply your case knowledge using intuitive filters to narrow your focus to the most relevant evidence. Enhance your existing forensics tools with comprehensive case-level analysis capabilities to help you advance the case.

Establish connections quickly
Dynamic visualisations help forensics practitioners and investigators uncover new perspectives and discover common threads based on communications and locations. Analyse links within case-related networks to uncover connections, group hierarchies and communication patterns between parties.

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