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Cellebrite Inseyets

Access. Extract. Reveal.

Cellebrite Inseyets, part of the Case-to-Closure (C2C) platform, is a cutting-edge digital forensics solution designed for rapid extraction of comprehensive evidence from the latest Android and iOS devices. Accelerate your examination workflow, strengthen investigations and close cases faster with a complete picture of each case.

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The Cellebrite Inseyets Difference

Leverage the most advanced access and extraction techniques and experience a streamlined examination process. Cellebrite Inseyets also makes advanced capabilities accessible to all relevant team members, enabling your Digital Forensics Lab to be more efficient and effective.

Access More Devices

Cellebrite Inseyets quickly accesses the latest Android and iOS devices, making it an ideal solution for examiners dealing with the latest systems on the market. Furthermore, the ability to access 5x more devices will allow examinations to start smoothly by avoiding inefficient access methods and saving valuable time.

Extract More Data

Cellebrite Inseyets pulls all information from relevant devices, ensuring all relevant data is examined - protecting cases from scrutiny. Extracting 60% more data including the full file system, containerized applications and encrypted data will ensure examinations are conducted soundly due to restricted views of the evidence.

Reveal More Evidence

Cellebrite Inseyets cuts the examination process by up to 40% through automated analysis capabilities, allowing the most meaningful data to surface. Examiners will see the utmost critical information called out, focusing on the most relevant points of the examination, saving time and allowing the investigation to progress quickly.

Faster, More Complete Examinations

Cellebrite Inseyets sets a new standard for Digital Forensics Labs and completes the examination process 2X faster, on average. Having more access to devices, seeing the complete picture and enjoying automated evidence prioritization all lead to the most important outcome – comprehensive cases solved faster. Adding this solution to any Digital Forensics Unit allows justice to be accelerated.

Explore more of what Cellebrite Inseyets has to offer:

Expand your investigative capabilities with Cellebrite Inseyets — a Force Multiplier— the key to unleashing a lab’s full potential. Insetes includes:

  • Powered by UFED. Enhance your investigations.

    Empower every examiner with expanded data access, enabling stronger cases and increased efficiency.

  • Powered by PA. Reach the full potential of evidence examination.

    Speed up evidence analysis, gain quicker access to crucial evidence and increase case insights

  • Cellebrite UFED Cloud. Collect, preserve and analyze cloud-based content.

  • Cellebrite Commander. Command the authority of tools and processes.

  • Cellebrite Reader. Amplify findings and share information across departments.

  • Cellebrite Guardian.

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