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Cellebrite Endpoint Inspector

Access Endpoints Safely & Securely Anytime, Anywhere

Remote work is here to stay, and no matter where employee endpoints are located, organizations need the ability to access, collect and review data from devices quickly and efficiently, and without disrupting employee productivity.

Todays Challenges

  • More people working from home

  • Collect from employees’ computers without disrupting work

  • Managing and tracking who is collecting from which systems

  • One up to date solution that collects & analysis data in forensically sound manner

Introducing Cellebrite Endpoint Inspector, a digital intelligence solution that provides secure collection and analysis capabilities for Windows and Mac endpoint data over an organization’s network.

Remote Collection

  • No matter where endpoints are located, corporation and service
    providers need the ability to access, review and collect from these devices
    quickly and efficiently.

Cellebrite will offer remote computer and mobile collection in 2021 – providing
coverage for endpoints across the globe.

Cellebrite Endpoint Inspector Workflow

Cellebrite Endpoint Inspector lets the administrator set up the endpoint server and authorized users. The endpoint agents can be deployed in advance or at time of collection using the company’s software deployment system. Once a user logs in to the server to secure a license, they can request to Preview a remote system. Then, the user can view files across the network and collect the required data with the ability to analyze and review in the same interface. 

Endpoint Inspector (currently) includes:

  • 1 Endpoint Server

  • The ability to manage 1000 agents

  • Collect from 10 concurrently

  • Up to 3 examiners investigating at a time

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